Friday, August 25, 2023

Best Leaf-Watching Drives in the US

It's not autumn yet, but you know, we all have that internal clock as September nears - sweaters, new notebooks, school buses, football games, hot cocoa...

This might be a good year for an epic autumn drive (if you an afford it these days). If you don't leave town, enjoy what your own town has, but taking a hike in nearby woods and collecting leaves for some art projects.


- Popular drives in autumn -

(The first two are from my home state and boy wow! They are WELL worth the trek!)

Blue Ridge Parkway (Virginia and North Carolina) covering the Shenandoah National Park and Great Smoky Mountains Park

Skyline Drive (Virginia) Shenandoah National Park

Peak to Peak Scenic Byway (Colorado) Rocky Mountain National Park

Green Mountain Byway (Vermont)

Arkansas Scenic Byway (Arkansas) Ozark National Forest

The Tree Tunnel (Michigan) Upper Peninsula

Oak Creek Canyon (Arizona)

Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway (Oregon)

Mountain Cloves Scenic Byway (New York) Catskills

Mohawk Trail, Berkshires (Massachusetts)




- preserving leaves -

wax paper

Arrange leaves on sheet of wax paper. Leave a space around the edge to be able to seal. Top with another sheet of wax paper. Put iron on hottest setting with no steam. Start ironing from middle outward. When done ironing, remove wax paper. They are now coated in wax and preserved.

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  1. There is another place in Arizona, if I remember right. Its on the BeeLine heading up to Payons, there is a turn off for The BSA campground called camp Geronimo. Driving through there in Autumn with my wife was epic! I thi k horton creek outside payson was another pretty one too