Tuesday, July 25, 2023

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Season 4


If you are hooked on History Channel's "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch," you've been avidly following this season hoping for the evolution of understanding of the phenomena on this property in Northeastern Utah.

This season has repeatedly proven UAPs, RF and microwave frequency signals, and an oddity in the sky just over the triangle area.

I was pleased to see that they encountered the orange orb. I've encountered two of these dancing together and apart in the sky over the desert, only a hundred or less feet off the ground. They are intriguingly organic, coming and going as if they just disappear and reappear but not like a light switch, more like a fast dimmer. The ones I encountered, I watched with a friend and this encounter went on over a half hour, at which time we left the area, but in my rear view mirror, I still saw them dancing above the desert floor.

There appears to be a reaction between shooting off rocks and encountering sky vehicles, but I have to wonder if we instead of a wormhole for travelers we are dealing with something more interdimensionally related.

For one moment, consider putting your finger atop a 2-dimensional image of, say, a photograph of yourself. There is a point of contact between the 3-dimensional realm and the 2-dimensional. Is it possible that there is a convergence point in the area above the ranch in which a higher dimension is relating to ours? 

In general, although they have gotten better at pinpointing what activates activity, they haven't really impressed me with finding out what's underground. There is a definite relationship between ground and sky. Sky is a vague arena to contain and define, but what's underground should be a fixed catalyst.

I'm always wary of researchers who think they know the answer going in because they will make the evidence fit their belief system.

Although I respect the hell out of Travis, I do find that his jump to wormholes is his default answer to all they encounter. That makes me dismiss his viewpoint. This is perhaps a good thing because it forces me to think outside his box to come to grips with evidence and its implications.

This year was interesting. Not at all as definitive as I hoped. I remind myself that this is an ongoing research project in which we are allowed a very tiny amount of findings and incidents to witness. That they are allowing documentation of their ongoing studies gives me hopes that this is the way to do a show - make it a docuseries in which the action being filmed isn't staged or plotted, but rather allowing a window into an ongoing research.

The "Beyond Skinwalker Ranch" series that follows has been intriguing. They are hitting many places that for a long time I've wanted to be studied to compare notes. Surely these "weird windows" occur around the world, being the impetus for legends and local tales. 

This month they were filming Discovery Channel's "Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch," and I hope it's aired this fall. I would give anything to see the two shows do a meet and greet episode, but I suspect History and Discovery would have a pissing contest about it. 

Stay tuned!

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