Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Halloween Decor in the Stores 2023


Here's just some of the major stores and what they're carrying for Halloween 2023. Start thinking about your themes. I'll share mine - 

This year, I decided to do something I've thought about for a long time, most of my adult life, just never acted on the decor.

I  rid myself of the mish mash of skeletons, pumpkins, bats, etc that I collected each Halloween, creating no real theme. 

I decided to go with a haunted house, but something along the lines of "The House on Haunted Hill" era. 

The huge picture window in the front of the house, I'll hang three old-fashioned sheet ghosts using a kick ball painted black as the head under the sheet, with the mouth and eyes cut out and showing just black. I'll drape the fabric with jagged ends so it looks like they're dancing. I'll put a light on them, perhaps a blue one.

Inside the living room, I'll cover all the furnishings with white sheets, drape spider webs and spiders with candleabras all around.

Then, in the fireplace, I'll put pillars for candles and pillars for creepy doll heads. I'll take a 3-foot tall baby doll and spray paint the entire thing white and have her in a tattered white gown near the fireplace, just watching the room. 

Hurry up Halloween!

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