Monday, June 26, 2023

Summer of Horror: Finding Your Scaries in the Heat


You may be just daydreaming of beaches and relaxation but can't get away. For those of us who love horror, if you're wondering - what summer horrors can I find? Here ya go -

Summer Horror Movies

Dead Calm A couple take a sailboat out for a quiet trip to get over the loss of a child. Out in the middle of the sea, they come cross shipwreck survivor and wish they hadn't helped him.

Piranha It's time for summer and all the sun seekers at the popular river getaway. The only problem is the science project that escaped into the water - intelligent and hungry piranha!

Jaws A popular summer island getaway in New England finds itself the focus of a huge hungry shark, just when tourist season begins.

Uninhabited  A couple goes on a vacation for 10 days on an isolated island, just to the two of them (and a ghost).

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer They thought they were past the stalking killer, but he has found them in the Caribbean resort during storm season.

Club Dread  A serial killer stalks a swingers group at the resort club.

The Horror At Party Beach  Radioactive sea creatures attack the beach goers.

The Savage is Loose A husband, wife and son shipwreck on an island. It's almost idyllic until the son comes of age.

Blood Beach  Something or someone is killing off beach goers.

Terror on the Beach 
A family camps on an isolated beach only to be harassed by a biker group of hippies. 

Friday the 13th  Campers and counselors are being killed off one by one by a vengeful ghost? 

Horror Sand Sculptures


Real Beach Horrors

And there are also other very real horrors to deal with at the beach - 


(riptide - swim parallel with the beach to get out of the outward-bound stream of water)






Haunted Campsites

Lake Morena, CA
Big Moose Lake, NY
Ft Worden State Historical Park, WA
Braley Pond, VA
Holy Ghost Campground, NM
Bannock State Park, MT
Humboldt State Park, CA
Devil's Tramping Ground, NC


Games in the Dark

flashlight tag - 

ghost in the graveyard

campfire storytelling

Let's admit it, for those of us who live for autumn and Halloween, by late summer you'll be foraging through your decorations box and watching "Halloween." Get the vibe  going with candles!


spooky hobbies

You could certainly start building Halloween props or planning the ultimate Halloween party, but how about some other spooky passtimes? 

URBEX - Urban exploration. Exploring and photographing abandoned sites. 

1. Always heed "no trespassing signs"
2. Make some noise so anyone or anything inside the building comes out.
3. Wear a mask to protect from hanta  virus, mold, and asbestos exposure.
4. Don't do it alone.
5. Leave it as you found it, just look around, take photos.
6. Try not to use a flash, just get the natural light coming through cracks. Get closeups of cracked paint, just give a bit of the scene so the mind fills in the rest rather than just doing a sweeping pic of the entire room.


Take to the night and relish in warm evenings. Be safe and make memories!

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