Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Oil Industry Workers Witnessing Bigfoot


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Usually when thinking about Bigfoot sightings by the work force, we think of forest rangers, but Bigfoot live anywhere humans can live. 

In fact, they are seen frequently by those working on oil and gas leases. The early morning hours on backroads in areas that often are left unattended and perhaps because the equipment is a curiosity, there are often encounters, although very rarely reported to anyone. The reasons for this are likely the culture of strong workers who attend oil and gas leases and a business that no one wants shut down because of an endangered "creature."

My mentor was an independent oil man. His first encounter was in the 70s, driving down a road to a lease with his partner. The Bigfoot stepped out and crossed the road in a few strides. It was auburn and in his jacked up truck, the Bigfoot looked down at him in the driver's seat. 

Nothing was the same after that. He devoted a great deal of money and time in the subject of Bigfoot and had a protective stance on them. He saw them as a form of a kind of Native to the land in their own right. 

Other oil men opened up to him about their own encounters on remote sites. They were fully aware that they share the land, but they avoided coming out after dark and before sunrise if they could help it. As most carried guns, they were skeptical about how effective they would be on a confrontation. 

One day, my mentor went to one of his leases on his regular checks (people steal equipment and piping all the time). He went over to the injection well piping, seeing something caught in it. He studied it as he got closer and realized it was a cow. A full-grown dead cow broken and shoved into the piping so tightly he had to cut it up to get it out. 

He remained on alert at the lease henceforth. It was not only one that didn't have a home on the land, but bordered forest.

On another excursion riding on his motorcycle down a cornfield-lined road in Iowa, he had yet another encounter. This time, he was truly baffled as it seemed highly unlikely Bigfoot would live in such a place. 

Later, in discussion with a private researcher who was a photojournalist studying Bigfoot in that state, the researcher shared his experiences with cornfields.

He reported that in a cornfield that has a stray tree or two in it, it's a good bet you can find clues. Sometimes the farmer's just work around an old tree and it remains there. It's under that tree that he gathered evidence of hundreds of stripped corn cobs on the ground. A sentinel would climb the tree and watch while a couple of Bigfoot would comb the rows gathering ears. They would eat under the tree in the protection of the tall crop. 

I worked in the oil and gas industry for a few years and I found the oil producers to be very real and very frank. I appreciate it greatly as I don't like subtleties. I want to know who and what I'm dealing with immediately so respect can be created. 

So, if a landman or operator is out there poking around isolated leases, be sure to know it's a rare and amazing thing to sight a Bigfoot. 

Or, as my mentor often said, "even a blind hog'll find an acorn now and then."

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