Sunday, June 11, 2023

Consciousness: Key to Communication With the Unexplained?



Scientists have difficulty explaining it and yet the very reason humans experience the "unexplained" and cannot capture it fully on camera or audio is because much of the real content exists in the quantum entanglement knowns as consciousness.

Think about it, in a single near-death experience the consciousness survives the body. Alien crash evidence has shown a lack of dials and switches and a helluva lot of evidence consciousness is utilized to control, much as it does during mind-speak encounters with humans.

What about ghosts and Bigfoot? Once again - consciousness appears to be the key to connect, to perceive, to send and receive knowledge.

When we go into the bush looking for Bigfoot - why do they seem to know we are intent and focused upon them?

Why is it you can have two researchers in a haunted location and only one hears the dead speak?

To be an ideal candidate to encounter the unexplained and to expand your world, astral projection, remote viewing, UFO communication - the practice of meditation will be a critical exercise to train you to make these connections.

Now, knowing consciousness and not being vocal is key, try doing an EVP session thinking the questions (in fact,get the whole group for 30 seconds to concentrate on one question), go into the woods with a loving focus of no threat, not concentrating on Bigfoot, but on wonder and awe of your surroundings. A total non threat and curious nature-loving approach. Do you want a UFO to show up?

I've done it! Study Steven Greer's CE-5 method (on an app) or simply go out there, open, nonthreatening, in total awe and wishing to find others. When I did this, out of nowhere a light appeared, started moving, and I willed it to make a sharp 90-degree right turn and it did!

The power of consciousness - it supercedes our default running programs - it's the AI of the brain!

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