Monday, May 22, 2023

Scariest Creatures in the Deep Sea


The creatures that are adapted to living under the super crushing pressure of the deep sea have been acclimated for no light and intense pressure, cold temperatures, and it would seem a 1950s scifi film appearance. 

Let's take a look at some of these mug shots -

Since this blog explores the unexplained, here's a few mythical ones that seem feasible....


This creepy creature was an invention of the internet, but no less totally badass. Supposedly the Japanese caught sight of one of these humanoid creatures in the seas of Antarctica. 


Sailor's superstitions led to the creation of a monster with many arms like an octopus that could take down a whole ship. 

Ironically, today we have discovered a deep ocean giant squid.  It's probably not going to take down a ship, but it certainly earns the Kraken title.


If there was ever a mythical sea creature we wished were real, it's the beautiful and tragic mermaid often referred to as a siren. Her cries could cause a man's ship to crash, her longing to be on land a starcrossed tragedy. 


Looking at deep sea creatures adapted to impossible conditions, it's easy to imagine that a creature on another planet might extremely "ugly" to our understanding of beauty. 

Perhaps to them, the concept of walking on only two legs is inferior or that we have thin skin or small eyes.

And, if we have to ponder it any further, what if the USOs (flying craft that submerge into the oceans and lakes) could harbor aliens that we are photographing with our submarines, not realizing this is their playground they are adapted to. 

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