Sunday, April 9, 2023

My Interview About Bigfoot on Wlil Jevning's Podcast!


Art by Thomas Finley

Today's interview with me on the subject of Bigfoot is posted on Will Jevning's Podcast channel on YouTube HERE.

What a fantastic group hosting and co-hosting the show. It's a pleasure to talk to intelligent and qualified researchers.

We all seek answers on the subject of Bigfoot. First, we of course debate IF they exist. Some of us KNOW they do by peresonal undeniable encounters. 

I encourage everyone to study the subject and all the theories, all the concepts, all the witness reports and let your own focus and talents narrow down the field of explanations. 

My favorite part of research is knowing that I have come to my own focus of study and others have different points of view and it makes the "science" of the subject better covered. So long as everyone is pursing evidence and we openly share it with the public, we can have every arena covered. 

Some folks are out in the field tracking, others are trying to communicate, yet others are studying film. Whatever your part in the field, we need you and your insights!

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