Scooby Doo Mysteries You Can Chase


There are so many riddles and puzzles in our universe and so few people who just take off and chase them. Give yourself one mystery to pursue and you will feel a childlike wonder missing in everyday life.


Do you like to camp and hike? Well, Bigfoot might be your ideal Scooby adventure. 

Up your chances by first considering location. And, you don't have to trek to Washington State or the Sierras. 

Nope, these human family relatives live where they can find resources. And, no, they don't migrate like senior citizens chasing the sun. They can tolerate any climate.


The Pacific coastline as a saturated sighting location isn't surprising. If my hunch is true, they arrived by the Channel Islands, up Baja into what is now Death Valley, and they found a great land to live upon. Of course, over time, they have developed feral qualities, but their ancestors had knowledge and now use their keen intelligence to stay hidden as they are outnumbered and with a history of being killed off. 

You are probably not going to see a Bigfoot as they seem to anticipate when we are in their area and likely even feel our intentions upon them like when you can feel someone staring at you.

Look for a river or stream that runs between hillsides and climb to the top of the hillside and look down at the stream. You are likely to find signs of pacing as they love this vantage point to find four-legged supper. They also often pick up a heavy rock and slam it down onto another rock so you may actually find cracked rocks up there. Given their curious nature, head back down to the stream and spend some time there. 

The best way to actually see one is to film with your camcorder (or phone but quality is inferior). Stand in one place when you feel like someone is watching. Slowly pan the camera 180 degrees, turning with it, zooming in and out as you do so. When you have your back on your starting point, wait 30 seconds, then start the pan back, doing the same until you're facing your starting point. Later, at home, examine the video. 

They often watch and their #1 technique is to stay very still so you don't see movement. The light hits their hair and they match the dappled light around them. But, on reviewing the video, you can see that as you turned away, they moved back behind a tree or peeked out or hit the ground to disappear. 

Areas I feel you have a great chance to coming across one - The Big Thicket in East Texas and John Muir National Historic Park in California. Other tasty states for BF viewing are West Virginia (the preserve at Pipestem is excellent), Pennsylvania, Ohio. We have them in the desert here, but most sightings in Arizona are up on the Mogollon Rim, especially the lakes in Payson and Four Peaks. 


Do you want proof of ghosts or just to see if you can encounter one? Those are two different creatures and a lot of people don't differentiate their motives for "ghost hunting." 

Proof of ghosts means a real investigation that is documented. Do you have an EMF meter? A digital recorder? Video camera with IR?

Experiencing a ghost - simple. Go to where you are likely to run into them. I'd say you'd have a greater chance if you first check out Space Weather. Why? In my research, the team wasn't psychic, except me. 

So, we would go on an investigation and I'd have experiences and note things, but they thought the night was a dud. 

But some instances, the team would report lots of encounter experiences and say it was a busy night. 

It wasn't necessarily a lame night or a busy night. The activity is always there. What had changed in the team?

Solar storms creating geomagnetic storms. Geomagnetic storms are known to create vivid dreams and affect the pineal gland. The pineal gland ("third eye") is believed to be the seat of psychic skills. I believe this is likely true as it also releases sleep and dream hormones and most psychics known they suffer things like night terrors and sleepwalking, etc. If their pineal glands are activated, they are more sensitive. The same would go for any other person. 

So, it's not necessarily that the night was more active, but the participants were more sensitive to pick up the activity. One hundred percent of the times we had what we called an active night, there was a geomagnetic storm. 

You have lots of options from city haunted tours to tours of abandoned prisons and hospitals, as well as hotels. 

Give yourself the best chance to be alone and quiet in a darkened place. I say alone, quiet, and darkened because when you take away sound and light distractions, you can discern things. 

As investigators nighttime is best and not because it's moody and scary or ghosts only come out at night. It's because in the daytime, pupils are narrowed and city traffic and activity make it impossible to notice a sound that shouldn't have been or if a shadow moves. 

If you choose a haunted hotel room, keep the curtains open to let some city light into the room so you can actually see shadows move.

I've found that the best time to get activity is to come into a room, look around, make comments about how nice it is. Sit down, and if with a partner, shoot the breeze about kids and life in general. Become real. Use each other's name. Be relateable. Contemplate out loud if there might be others who stayed in the room. Silence. 


I'd have to say you have the highest chance of having an experience when it comes to UFOs. 

Getting away from city lights is critical, so take yourself way out there. If you can't do prairie or desert where there's 180 degrees of sky, consider the beach. 

IR goggles are a great help to be able to see things your naked eye won't see. 

I'd suggest a folding lounge chair, some music, a cooler, binoculars. Just scan for movement in the sky. If you go with others, put your chairs in a circle facing out so each person has a different quadrant. Bring a telescope to have extra fun looking at planets. 

You may not capture one on film. You need a tripod and a high quality camera. Otherwise, you get a bouncing ball from hand movements and something that pixelates and loses quality as you magnify. 

You can toss out the red and blue blinking lights of planes and after awhile out there, you'll see the usual paths they take. You'll also likely see satellites moving and they go east and west or north and south in trajectory. 

Should you witness anything, be sure to take notes:  What time? What movement? What color? What shape? Who else witnessed it? Angle in the sky? Length of time witnessed? And be sure to report it on the MUFON site. 


Spooklights are those freaky things seen in nature that appear like a lantern light, but for some reason no on can find the source of it. 

There are some famous ones that you are very likely to witness -

Marfa Lights (Marfa, Texas) The Marfa lights have been seen since back in the 1800s. They appear randomly throughout the night but are often reported as white, red, or blue. They appear randomly throughout the night. 

Joplin Spooklight (near Quapaw, Oklahoma near Missouri border) Also known as the Hornet Spooklight, this was first reported in 1881 and described as a baseball-to-basketball-sized ball of fire. Some describe it as a fiery orange orb and some report a lantern-like swaying light. It is often seen between 10 pm and midnight. 

Brown Mountain Lights (Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina) These ghost lights appear often to visitors. Mentioned since 1912, these are regularly recorded. 


Vortex: A whirlpool of energy. 

Perhaps the most infamous vortexes are found in Sedona Arizona. 

There are said to be four vortexes in Sedona - 

Airport Mesa (photo above), Cathedral Rock, Boynton Canyon and Bell Rock.

I'll tell you my numerous experiences there. 

I always go to airport mesa as that vortex gives me immediate feelings of being freed of mind burdens, body burdens, spirit burdens. It's very exalting. I'm not a new-ager type, but there is absolutely something different about these areas. 

Here's a funny story. My best friend Julie and I went out to study the sky for UFOs, away from the city in Boynton Canyon. 

(a funny doctored photo Julie made of us standing there awaiting sunset)

We pulled into the canyon and promptly felt an utter peace. It was empty and quiet and the views were shockingly gorgeous. 

Something ran across the roadway, a Mexican Gray Wolf. We took that as an odd sign. They are a rare viewing.

We road around until we found a lot we could pull over and park in. People were hiking and climbing a steep hillside with rock shaped like a giant castle.

Looking at the sky, we nodded to each other. The place felt ideal for UFO viewing as they are often sighted in this canyon. It wasn't just the open sky, but we both felt an odd draw to the area. We couldn't stop staring at the rocky butte and pondering ancient giants, alien visitors, tribes of old. The wind whistled constantly and as the sun set, we were certain if a UFO was out there, we'd see it.

Although we had no UFO encounter, we did drive away talking nonstop about how that place felt. 

"We must go back. I can't explain it. It just felt like if Heaven were on earth." 

Julie agreed to my statement. The place was very oddly energized but a peaceful and ancient one. 

I slept like a baby that night. Even as we left Sedona, I felt the residue of that location. I can still pull it up in my mind and recall the feeling of being in both awe and humbled and part of something eternal. 

It was rather like my soul visited the location more than my intellect.

I will tell you that these locations do carry an energy that nearly everyone can feel, whether it's ground vibration, tingling, feelings of lifting out of your physical form with pain relief. 

Enter a vortex area utilizing your body's signals to tell you that you found the ideal spot. Be still. No phone. No talking. No interacting with others. It's you and this energy and you can use it like Samantha wiggles her nose or Jeannie slaps her arms together and nods. 

Manifesting. It's something to consider when you enter. Prayer. Meditation. Manifestation. All your intent, all your desires, all your focus must be about healing, bringing in positive energy, positive luck, letting the circular energy clear out all the debris. 

Don't focus on anything negative. This is an alchemy that could manifest bad. 

The thing about any energy is that it has no positive or negative until it filters through a person who uses it for good or bad, usually unintentionally. 

Other locations said to have energy vortexes - Mt. Shasta in California, Ringing Rocks in Pennsylvania, Joshua Tree Park in California, the Big Island in Hawaii, and Crater Lake, Oregon. 

Enjoy your Scooby Doo Adventures and please feel free to report back.