Mind-Blowing: UAPs and Their Place of Origin


How long have we been visited by beings from other worlds? 

Were these sky bandits baffling the Middle Ages so much that they were captured in art, much like today cell phone users might document today's UAPs?

We talk a lot about their intentions - Good? Bad? Takeover? Observation? Are we their lab experiment? Do they want resources? 

Or are they just tourists trying not to interrupt our time line, much like a time traveler tries not to interfere with his grandparent's meeting? 

In my research, I've run across a repeated pattern of Orion's Belt. This configuration of 3 stars makes up part of the asterism the Orion constellation. 

(The pyramids of Giza alignment)

(note the 3 dots to the left of the alien in this crop circle)

(Hopi tribe based their sites on a lineup that is fashioned after Orion's Belt)

Below is a more in-depth explanation of the very wise and insightful Hopi tribe's Mesas.

*I was very privileged to view a rock with an engraving of what appears to be an alien head, the three stars of Orion's Belt and a large star with rays surrounding it. This was a very ancient carving found in the Hopi's First Mesa. 

one side

reverse side

This brilliant account had me doing some tracking. When looking at the positioning, it would appear this alien-looking fellow might be from that bright star and it can be found at the bottom tip of Orion's shield, P6-Orionis, a giant orange star that is red-orange. 

This threw me down a rabbithole as many of my readers know I've had lifelong sparce interactions with greys in what I refer to as being a contactee with information being passed. They come and go in a ... red-orange light that has long baffled me. I have also run into red-orange dancing orbs out in the desert with a friend when we were setting up a telescope. This color keeps coming back to me and I can only say that the greys appeared to use no technology, just consciousness to come and go.

The Hopi have many bowls decorated with their legends. These legends appear to be more like the "notes" app on your cell phone, things that needed to be kept for further reference and actual documentation.

It would appear that, once again, refererencing the indigenous ancient knowledge of the First People might be the biggest education we get. 

The Hopi also possess the legend of the ant people who helped them when there was a catastrophe, taking them underground to show them how to survive. 

The indigenous people around the world carried similar legends of encounters with similar beings. 

One has to wonder if these beings come upon occasion to save us from destruction and their arrival is not a threatening thing, but a blessing. 

LINK:  It is interesting to note that the Babylonian sky god was named Anu. The Hopi word for “ant” is also anu, and the Hopi root word naki means “friends.” Thus, the Hopi Anu-naki, or “ant friends,” may have been the same as the Sumerian Annunaki—the beings who once came to Earth from the heavens.

If we want to travel further down the rabbithole, we have  Betelegeuse, the red super giant. It is in Orion's armpit area. It has been gaining a lot of attention of late because it appears to be ending its life cycle. It may be as much as another 100,000 earth years until it explodes, but imagine any highly advanced beings in that Orion's constellation might be preparing for an out. 

Here on earth, we talk about exploring Mars and the Moon in search of other places for humanity to go so that we preserve our kind off planet with more chance we can survive. 

An advanced culture knowing many generations ahead, their kind will no longer exist, might be in search of another home.

 Of course, there is no super rush at this point, but they are doing window shopping which might explain why they make no effort to confront us. They want to understand why we survive with these gases and moisture and temperatures, and how they themselves might adapt genetically. 

So it would seem that "alien abduction" cases are part of a possible scientific research to adapt to this planet, much like we might want to find ways to survive on Mars and, should there be beings living there now, we would want to learn about their anatomy and physiology and how we might use some of their characteristics to adapt some of our humans to that setting. 

In fact, we ourselves could be adapted from another planet's beings and the very DNA content that was here, thus the strange gap in our understanding of man's evolution and relationship to the apes. In the very distant past, millions of years ago, the apes might have been the abductees utilized by an intelligent race that needed to be adapted to this planet. 

Going further on this notion, in the community of contactees and abductees, as well as researchers, Pleiadians are often referenced. Pleiades is a bright star cluster in Taurus, 442 light years, the  closest star cluster to earth. It is said the "nordic" looking aliens that are very human-like come from this constellation. This constellation is nearby Orion (which is 1344 light yeras from earth). 

They might actually be a great candidate for the ones who "monkeyed" around with earthly DNA. 

Those pesky grey aliens are said to be from Zeta Reticuli in the Reticulum Constellation. This is 39 light years from earth. 

Let's contemplate a scenario in which man often had encounters with these visitors. Perhaps they are our gods who designed us and we are their chimeras on Earth, or perhaps they are other cultures thinking to do something similar to what our other-planet ancestors did and hybridize to inhabit the planet eventually with offspring that can tolerate the location.

Would ancient man, meeting these advanced people perhaps keep records of them? Perhaps these off-planet people are leaving monuments and markers to leave hints for their future progeny to recall their origins, hence "ancient aliens" clues. 

Perhaps many times Earth has provided another worldly race an anthro-forming location where adaptation happened in a petri dish overnight rather than over millenia and the throws of survival of the fittest. 

In fact, if we were to explain other genuses of humans such as Neanderthal and Denisovans, maybe even Bigfoot, we might categorize them as early renditions, sort of like the betamax in the course of recording from film to tape to eventually digital. 

If we look at UAPs in the context of quiet observation, it loses much threat, but it also does not explain why the heightened interest in humanity right now. 

Either these beings realize it might be time to come protect us again or they are farming the possibility of creating earth-hearty chimeras, preserving their genes and utilizing our adapted ones. 

How do we proceed? How did ancient man proceed when otherworldly beings arrived from the sky? Certainly ancient man did not pose a threat against them, but today with nuclear weapons and trigger fingers, we may be a dangerous clan to try and reason with. 

Perhaps the most regretable act would be to swat away the very hand that is trying to pull us out of the muck. 

Yet again, they may be the very ones who will push our evolution to a new level of brain capacity, perhaps longevity. 

Some day, perhaps many thousands of years from now, man will be studying this ancient race of humans that got to this point and suddenly catapulted to much more advanced understanding and brain usage and ponder, "did they just get more protein in their diet?"  They will speak of a missing link and not realize that it's in their own DNA. 


*A special thank you to Martin Hawato for the Hopi information. 



  1. Steve Qualye's site has some interesting articfacts at a archeological dig site in Mexico I believe, of artifacts that show Alien Beings.


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