Saturday, January 28, 2023

Cruising For Horror (Movies)


Boats and cars headed for horror disasters. Let's look at some boat and car thriller/horror movies that satisfy. 


Wrong Turn 
Following a car crash on a quiet country road in West Virginia, the men and women go in search of help or a phone only to run into inbred rednecks with a killing instinct.

The Hitcher
While delivering a car to a dealer, a young man driving through the desert makes the mistake of giving a hitcher a ride.

The Hills Have Eyes
A family with camper trailer in tow, get stuck in the desert and have to deal with a feral clan of killers.

Tourist Trap
When their jeep breaks down, some kids head into an old long-forgotten museum in the countryside where the owner broods over his team of mannequins.

A harried businessman tangles with a crazed truck driver in the desert, making for a harrowing business trip.

Night Drive
A sheltered housewife takes to the road to get to her sick kid in a long-distance drive that turns bad when she witnesses a killer in action.

The Car
A western desert town deals with a car with dark tinted windows that seems to be able to kill at will.

Jeepers Creepers
Siblings coming home from college drive through the countryside where they tangle it up with some kind of monster that is a prolific killer, setting its focus on them.

Wind Chill
College kids take a car ride home in the wintertime and get stuck in the snow as ghosts begin to enclose upon their vehicle.


Dead Calm
A grieving couple takes their sailboat out to sea to heal, only to run into a sole survivor of a boat catastrophe, but his story doesn't quite add up.

Poseidon Adventure
A cruise liner flips over during the New Year's party and survivors have to find a way to climb to the bottom of the boat to get rescue.

Ghost Ship
A salvage team boards a ship that has a ghost and dark history.

Lost Voyage
An investigative team wants to check out a ship lost decades ago in the Bermuda Triangle that shows up again.

Death Ship
When a mysterious ship hits a cruise liner, survivors scramble onto the ship only to find it was a Nazi WWII torture chamber.


Friends have a yachting accident and climb onto a ghost ship floating in the ocean and realize it was a big mistake.

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