Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Creepiest Places I Most Would Love to Experience

Today, I'll share some very macabre locations I would love to experience in person. 

Nahinni Valley, Northwest Canada, aka "Valley of the Headless Men." This extremely protected and remote region has a long history by oral tradition of the First Nation. Supposedly, cannabilisitc giants lived within. 

Even today, they are said to remain. In fact, not only do people go missing there in large numbers, but many were found with their heads removed!

If you had a rather archaic man who had come by way of the land bridge and wished to remain untouched in an environment they are adapted to, wouldn't this valley be a dream retreat?

Doll Island, Mexico

A man decided to move his family to an island in some canalways. He wanted to be a farmer and live in quiet.

A girl drowned in the canal and he felt such guilt he didn't save her, that he put dolls up to appease her spirit.

Over decades, people contributed more dolls and the island was overrun with them.

Ironically, he later drowned in the same canal....

Bran Castle

Bran Castle in Romania is referred to as Dracula's Castle. What a fantastic place to roam around on a cool dark night! Built in 1388, in the mid 1400s, Vlad the Impaler (considered to be the model for Dracula) slaughtered hundreds there, in alliance with the castle's owner.

Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania

Another fascinating place I'd love to see - Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania. 

Many odd things happen in these woods from strange lights and missing people to cryptids, confusion, headaches, nausea, and all manner of terror within a bare circle where no trees grow. 

You might have seen "Destination Truth" episode (season 3) when one of the crew was thrown while sitting there, scratches all over his arm.

There is an identical place in Russia called "Devil's Cemetery" where no trees grow and the same issues occur. What is going on? 

Portlock, Alaska

This extremely remote Alaskan town 70 years ago was a well-supported fishing cannery held by the First Nation people of the area.

However, they soon had to flee after the cannery kept going up in flames, people went missing, some found dead in horrible ways, and the forests seemed to be haunted by a huge being referred to as Nantanaq (aka Bigfoot). 

A recent series called "Alaskan Killer Bigfoot" (Discovery Plus) really utterly captured the creepy and dangerous place as some Native People sought to evaluate the land for the tribe to possibly move back in. 

**Please, please, please make another season!  This is one of my favorite binge creepy shows.**

There are soooo many places I'd add, mostly abandoned sites that fascinate me to no end, odd locations like the Marfa Lights, Roswell, Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, and so many more. For now, these ones above are the places I most often daydream about. 

What's your dream creepy locale? 


  1. Mel and Ethel Ross, the Headless Valley on YT. In this 1958 self filmed documentary of their trip to the headless valley. Mel and Ethel stopped along the river on their trip up the river to Vitoria Falls, to go into some of the many caves up on this mountain side. In one of the caves is drawings of red eye giants on the walls. On the park's website it says that these caves are off limit to the public, wonder why? If you go to around 23 minute mark or so on the documentary, you'll come across where they're inside the caves. Just like when a anthropologist from UC Berkeley interview the Washo Tribe back in 1915, he was told that the giants were still there in the Sierra. Well, the giants are still there in the headless valley.

    1. I really appreciate your contribution. The giants are a subject of high interest to me and I DO believe they still exist and are a subterranean-dwelling faction.