Saturday, November 26, 2022

Snow Monsters


There is something about the concept of a monster that comes to life in the snow that fascinates. Winter being a vulnerable time of being snowbound and having icy roads, escape from such creatures is daunting. Let's look at some wintry fearsome legends - 


The Yeti ("abominable snowman") is most often associated with the Himalayas. A hairy biped that is often reported as taller than a regular human, these fellows are said to be fairly aggressive with their hunting and revered by the locals. It is generally accepted among the cryptid community that the yeti are another cousin of the Bigfoot, Yowie, Almasty and Yeren (other forms of wild hairy people) reported around the world.


The legend of the Ningen of Antarctica goes back to a story of a Japanese research ship that encountered a human-like arctic mermaid, having fingers, arms and legs. The only facial features noticed are eyes and a mouth. They are white and often mistaken for ice. They are said to come out at night. 

Snow Wasset

This legendary creature is said to like the snow and hate the heat. It turns green and has legs during warmer months and chases the cold up to Canada and then back down to the upper United States in the wintertime. 

LINK Once the first snow storm hits the upper north of the United States, the Wasset begins migrating south from Canada until it reaches the areas of Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Michigan. As it travels, it’s body begins to stretch and it gains the ability to travel faster within the snow, this learned skill allows it to sneak up under its prey above and pull it back down into its burrow to devour.

Snow Snake

The snow snake is a legend from the Upper Midwest of a snake that is pure white. It is said to be very vicious about sinking its fangs into prey. It was said to crawl in the snow where only its pink eyes can be seen by the victim, just before the attack! 

Japan's Snow Monsters 

And then there's the Japanese Snow Monsters of Northern Japan - a phenomenon that occurs each winter. Massive fir trees get coated in ice and snow. 


One of the cuter snow monsters and most beloved is perhaps Bumble from "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." This arctic monster is one cutie pie!

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