Christmas Gifts for Paranormal Geeks


UFO chasers, ghost hunters, Bigfoot trackers, horror-loving, psychic skilled, ancient aliens fans - there's a gift for any para geek in your life.

Here's some fun suggestions for helping them express their quirkiness - 

using mine on a ghost hunt 

me and my best friend wearing them

Don't forget my 3-book paranormal romance series. The stories involve ghosts, Bigfoot, and portals, all utilizing real-life incidents and research info for super realism. 

There's always my award-winning 5-star book with the accountings of my and my family's encounters in our very haunted Civil War hospital estate - 

There's also my 5-star book about my experiences as a kid at our summer home on the Chesapeake where the hauntings are highly bizarre. This includes a chapter with Chesapeake recipes, a sentimental and beautiful capture of a romantic location and time period.