Friday, October 28, 2022

Michael Myers Crush!


Michael Myers.

I don't know if it's a genuine crush, but I've held a fascination for this character from the 1978 film, "Halloween."

I'm pretty sure that it stems from it being the first horror movie I saw in the theater that captured the boogeyman theme and his character being so silent and stalking that he terrifies the reptilian part of the human brain. 

I also like tall boys.

Every Halloween as Spirit Halloween store lines its wall with masks, I search for the most "realistic" looking MM mask I can find. I would love to pull it down over a styrofoam head and just have it on display. The painting I posed with (above) was done by an artist friend and was one of my favorite views of Michael, peering over the banister.

I like the tall silent types, I guess. 

And, I was thrilled to see him portrayed as the Boogeyman, as I always assumed such a character would walk among us, making it harder to figure out who is the monster.

And then, he showed up at my house!


Around the year 2000, I had a Michael Myers that showed up at my doorstep on Halloween.

It wouldn't be unusual except this one was about 6'4" tall, wearing the faded overalls, with a real large knife, and a pillowcase. Every detail of him was utter genuine Michael.

He said nothing, just held open his pillowcase.

And I blindly dropped candy in the bag.

It was very creepy as it was obvious this was no kid.

But, the next year he showed up again.
Same routine.

One year when he came, I found myself excited to see him again. It was ridiculous, but I had a thrill at his silence and his extremely authentic costume.

I pulled open his pillowcase this time and dropped candy into it, noticing it was completely empty.

The reason this was odd was my house was the center of the street. Usually, kids start up one street and down the other. So why start at my house? 

As he turned to walk away, I began to close the door.

Then, I changed my mind.

Who was this adult? Why my house?

I rushed down my walkway to round the corner of the garage and - nothing! No cars. No people walking around. 

He just vanished.

Now, that was a real Halloween puzzler. 


Because of my fascination with the pale emotionless face of MM, I have enjoyed some Halloween focuses using his mask - 

My best friend Julie and I love to do skits with MM and Jason Voorhees

Some masks that meet my standards - 

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