Sunday, October 23, 2022

Decorating Windows for Halloween


contact paper cut in various shapes

Utilizing windows for haunting effect is a huge boon. Many times, the effects are on the inside of the window so if you go to work or are away, you don't worry about someone messing with your hard work.
Cut out some cardboard and paint the shapes black and put against the window with a colored light behind it - 

Here's one I did - 

Putting a mannequin, doll, face masks behind the curtain with an underlight in blue is an eerie effect!

Last year, I had so much cardboard, I decided to do a creepy abandoned farmhouse feel. I cut the cardboard into strips, painted it with various shades of brown to make it look wood-like, and duct taped it to the screens on the windows and used push pins above the door.

I took old corn from the summer garden and stuck it into the planter with a few dead branches and some doll heads and arms and legs in the soil. 

Don't forget window clings - 

I have long enjoyed putting up mannequins and dolls on display in the window with spooky lighting or even a flashing lightning light so they show up as kids walk to the door.

Keep it simple, keep it handmade!

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