Bayou-Themed Halloween Patio Party


A bayou-themed patio for Halloween has  been a long-time dream of mine. I began to plot out how to do this - 

Begin with sound - you need crickets and frogs playing loudly in the background.

For music, consider Creedence Clearwater Revival, 
John Fogarty, Alabama, Hank Williams, Little Hurricane, Bluesbox Bayou Band, The Boogie Kings, Van Broussard (king of Swamp Pop music) 

Consider firefly lights -


Drape the sides of the patio with camo netting to give an anonymous green background and cut out the view of the "real world."  Consider using it as a tablecloth too!

If you can get your hand on shipping pallets or old wood, consider a plank walkway with a dock-like vibe. Check out the photo at the top of this post.

Dangle moss from the ceiling and wrap it around the patio posts.

Hang old-fashioned lanterns.

Be sure to put out a tray with some mason jar glasses with a delicious drink. I'd pick something that looks very fluorescent green.

Fill the wheelbarrow with ice cubes and green glow sticks. 

Under the boardwalk, consider laying out some neon green shower curtains for water.

And don't forget your alligator

Happy times on the bayou!