Monday, September 5, 2022

What's the Crazy Redhead Up To?


As Ghost Hunting Theories completes 14 years of existence on the Internet, I want to thank all the millions of readers that slowed down their daily lives to contemplate the universe and its workings.

The blog made it up to #1 for ghost hunting content (in the world) and #8 for paranormal content. Those achievements weren't a goal I had when I started blogging. It never occurred to me I might rank. I simply did it as a way to start conversations on new ways of looking at the unexplained. What I found was a fantastic tribe and intense research.

I thank y'all a thousand times over for being so enthusiastic about the para world and its workings.

My life has been quite a parade of trials since my divorce in 2010. I went out on my own for my first time. I dared to dream of writing books (2 dozen published!). I went on treks to explore and photograph unexplained locations and paranormal locations. I left my miserable medical transcription job to dare to be my own boss. I also faced lots of losses like loved ones and bilateral Bell's palsy, diagnoses of diabetes and hypertension for which I flipped my life around and lost weight and beat the diagnoses.

The past several years were very tough with many obstacles and trials. I took on several different career paths, but felt a futility at this age of trying to take a traditional career path when retirement age was bearing down on me. I had to make the amazing things happen that I had dreamed about since I was a child. I felt like I had nothing to lose at that point.

Stubbornly I continued to pursue connections, opportunities toward a career in a creative and highly competitive field. 

Some things I tried along the way didn't succeed financially, but they gave me mad skills and new connections. 

You learn a lot more about yourself from failures than victories. Still, I didn't let one situation determine others. I tried out careers in stock trading, art, oil and gas industry, publicist work, and authoring books.

There is something about a body of experience that gets you to a goal. I look back at both the things I wanted when I was younger and the experiences they gave me and I'm in awe and wonder.

I pursued interests and gained skills. Modeling and pageant work helped me to be a good spokesperson. Majoring in communications helped me be a good speaker. Storytelling as a child, reading, and blogging helped me be a better writer. Oil and gas industry and stock trading taught me much ab out the business world and how to make fast decisions, creative solutions, and great connections. Pursuing the paranormal helped me to be a guest on many radio shows/podcasts, and to write a scif thriller TV series (more on that further into this post). 

In fact, my childhood list is being completed this fall

As a child I said I would - 

Live in California (done 1984-87)

Be in Miss USA pageant (done Miss Arizona USA)

Model (done early 80s)

Author books (done 24+ so far)

Be on radio shows/interviews/public speaking (done since 1990) BTW, you can listen to radio/podcast interviews with me by going to the search bar in the upper right and typing in "radio." 

Live on my own (done since 2010)

Buy a house by myself so no one can ever take it away and I can renovate my unique style.  (2022! More info coming soon!

Be in a movie/work in film production industry (2022! More info coming soon!)

Seriously investigate the unexplained and share findings with the public. (done since 2008)


The Bell's palsy is recovering still (14 months one side/12 months the other). It's down to the lip movements. The muscles got shortened and tight so I have to work with relaxing them. It's kind of like walking after paralysis. The beaming open-mouth smile I was so well-known for is coming back in dribs and drabs, but with great determination as I have much to smile about!

What I can say about the arena of research is that we are onto some huge discoveries, some amazing explorations into alien technology, ancient giant civilizations revealed, how hauntings trigger, what Bigfoot really are, and much more.  Expect to see Dennis Guern and I bringing you lots of crazy finds and amazing data. 

Soon, I will be able to share what I'm up to in the film industry career sector. I'm proud to represent Gemstar film production company and when you see what we're doing this fall, you will see how manifesting works in the most subliminal way if you don't stop picturing it clearly and believing it's out there awaiting you.

I am also writing a scifi thriller streaming series called "D.A.R.C." and more on that later too! You will be thrilled as it does revolve around all things unexplained.

For now, my best advice is to remember the saying, "there are no obstacles in your path. The obstacles ARE your path.

Simply DO! Join groups of your special interest, make connections, get further schooling, research on your own, expose yourself to many industries, and create your own projects. Expand yourself by simply doing, whether it has an end point or not, it's yet another skill toward manifesting. You don't know how they work out. When I did modeling, I was just interested in posing and walking the runway to gain confidence. That confidence allowed me to become a public speaker and to work in PR. You don't need to know how it all works together, but in the end, you stop and say, "Wow! It all makes sense now!"

Call it manifesting, serendipity, or karma, dreams do happen when one believes deep in their core that this is their fate. 

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