Vintage Halloween: The Most Hated Treats in Your Trick or Treat Bag


Sure, sometimes as kids we got baked cookies, candied apples, or other homemade yummy treats, but upon occasion homeowners doled out some supposed treats that ended up in the trash or traded away for something tasty. 

Let's take a fun trek down memory lane at some of the worst treats ever - 


The snack that says, "I could become something good, I'm just in my raw form now."  Perhaps one of the most dreaded but well-intentioned treats. I remember giving those over to my mom to compete her oatmeal cookies.


Well-meaning neighbors might have given you a bag of nuts at Halloweentime.  Yet, again, another treat not complete but waiting to become something. We won't mention today's admonishment not to give out something that might be allergic for many kids. 


Licorice, peanut butter, and cinnamon, if I recall. These anonymous candies made kids of the 70s who grew up in the paranoia-about-tampered-candy set them aside. There was no label, no one to contact should these be toxic or having a nail hidden inside....


It had to have given the religious-committed folks a bit of a tingly thrill to think they could possibly convert the creatures of the night. When you think of it, Halloween gave them a chance to have the subjects come to their door instead. 


There was nothing quite like losing a baby tooth on these nasty candies!


It didn't matter which Necco wafer you bit into, they all tasted suspiciously like Tums wafers.


You knew it was a lame-o candy when your parents asked to have some.  Licorice, being an acquired and mature taste, was just not one the kiddies looked forward to downing.


Admittedly, one year I trick or treated for Unicef. I didn't bring a candy bag because I figured I couldn't possibly ask for coins and candy, but sure enough, I ended up lining my pockets with goodies. In general, though, if someone gave you coins as your treat, it was kinda like saying, "here's a gift card, go choose something yourself." Many's a November first, I trekked to Ben Franklin penny store to pick out treats with a bit of resentment for having to hoof it yet again.


The origins of this supposed treat may be vague, but the impact is powerful. Step away from the peanut. We weren't sure what they were supposed to taste like, but for us Scandianvian kids, it was like winning the secretly dreaded marzipan pig.

On a happier note, some really cool things to get were full-sized candy bars, little baggies with a bunch of candies inside, and those crazy balsa wood airplane glider kits.

If you're feeling nostalgic about childhood Halloweens, consider getting yourself a container with a sampling of the favorites of your decade. 

Here's the 1970s  - (remember Fun Dip? Bottle Caps? Laffy Taffy? Razzles?)