Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Using Cardboard For Halloween Decor


Continuing my focus on recycling/repurposing/upscaling items that are readily available, found, or bought for very little, today I want to show the amazing potential of cardboard and paper!

new life for cardboard - aka, Amazon jetsam. 

Once you've glued these three pieces together to create a headstone, I would suggest stone paint - 

I have used it for a dummy or scarecrow like this (below) and it works well. 

Some cardboard tubes, wax and paint, add battery-operated candles and you have scary huge candles.

Having a pirate theme? Wow, this is a great idea - duct tape and cardboard barrels! 

Corrugated cardboard - peel the paper off one side of it to expose the ribbing. Spray paint silver. Hang from jute string.

This (above) is a rather sophisticated costume, but boy is it worth it!

Paper: Such an abundant resource and now it's time to use it - 

Paper lanterns with construction paper and battery-operated candle. Consider using wax paper for the background window look.

Take paper, scissors and cardboard and run with them! Oh, wait - on second thought, forget running with scissors. 

If all else fails, roll the cardboard up, tie it with twine, and use it as firewood, line your planting bed with it before putting down compost and soil, or make bohemian decorations - 

I cut out a cardboard circle, glued a round mirror to it and added reeds from a placemat, feathers, raffia, shells, pinecones, and whatever to make them a total show stopper. 

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  1. ... and when the holiday is over you can go all wickerman on the decorations