Look to the Skies! My favorite UAP and UFO channels on YouTube


Once I find a favorite YouTube channel, guided by educated, experienced, and intelligent hosts and experts, I am all over that! With the new acceptance of things in our air space we  can't identify, I'd like to see curious folks finding great sources of being updated and hearing from those in the expert-know.

Here's my favorite channels I subscribe to and watch religiously. 


Chris is my #1 go-to. He's not just a retired F-16 fighter, but he's so educated in all things of a scientific nature. He brings us the real stuff and breaks it down to the finest detail to judge distances, sizes, trajectories, what is possible in our understanding of physics, and brings on fantastic footage. I feel like I'm part of his think tank and I appreciate the way he brings us on as intelligent curious minds chasing the nature of the universe and the crazy unexplained occupants of our skies.



Another intelligent and experienced pilot with a channel devoted to all things wings enthusiast, and a great focus on the UAP phenomena. 



If you want all the UFO footage you can stand and some great commentary and observations, no channel is more in the know than Secureteam 10. I can run these videos on marathon they are so fascinating!  He truly makes you one of the team of armchair speculators. 


Feel free to share any channels you depend on for sky-watching evidence and intelligent review.