Thursday, September 29, 2022

Halloween TV 2022


I really love this time of year for so many reasons, but sharing the Halloween tv lineup is a prominent fave - 

What's up on these channels?

AMC is my #1 favorite for nonstop great movie options. This 
year, some of those are -

Carrie, Creepshow, Halloween, Halloween H2O, Fright Night, Interview with the Vampire, Thirteen Ghosts, Friday the 13th, Candy Man, Jeepers Creepers, Trick R Treat, the Last House on the Left....

If you are looking for fun and family shows for Halloween mood and excitement, nothing beats what you can find on the Discovery Plus channels! Travel Channel, Food Network. We all love Halloween Wars, Halloween Baking Championship, and Outrageous Pumpkins on Food Network. Travel Channel calls it Ghostober and it begins in September. You can find True Terror with  Robert Englund, A Haunting, Ghosts of Devil's Perch, America's Scariest Halloween Attractions, Ghost Hunters, Most Terrifying Places in America, and more!

Syfy Used to give us a pretty good lineup for 31 Days of Halloween, but alas the movies now are slim pickens. Here's an example of some of the ones this year - 

The Strangers, Halloween II, Halloween III (ugh), Rob Zombie's Halloween (double ugh), Child's Play 2, Child's Play 3...

Explore some more scheduling HERE. 

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