Doll's Head Trail and Doll Crafts


Finally shopping habits are taking on the healthy concept of reusing items, buying from thrift stores, turning trash into treasures. And, the abundance of cheap or even abandoned dolls makes for some really cool craft ideas and Halloween prop concepts.

You may have some free time lately to tinker with Halloween props or start your garden. Why do you need dolls for the garden? Well ....

Let's have a little fun with baby dolls and a park that is devoted to displaying them in nature - 

consider letting them age through the summer outdoors to create a Doll Island display

as a grouping, dolls have huge impact

with no eyes, a glow stick or candle inside is eerie

Want to be inspired? Take a hike in Constitution Lakes Park in Atlanta, Georgia on the Doll's Head Trail -  This is creepy public art at its best and displays change.