Here's the thing about archaeology, in general: If I were to teach you since you were a baby that the sky is pink, you will use that reference henceforth. When these scholars are taught how to see something and it is explained to them, they don't question it, they just perpetuate. It reminds me of when you work in a store and the manager tells you, "we never mess with the displays, they are done by union workers" and someone comes in wanting to buy the last scarf, which is on a mannequin, but you tell them, "nope, sorry. We aren't allowed to touch them." There is no encouragement whatsoever in free thought among them.

Nazca is, of course, one of the more extraordinary regions for geoglyphs. This is also a gold-rich area in the Nazca-Ocona gold belt.

There has been much debate as to whether this 4-mile wide circle in the ocean not far from Nazca is the remnant of a UFO.

Three is no doubt, however, that Peru is a UFO hot spot and a mining treasure, as is Chile. Both contain all the right markers for yet more potential alien mining sites. 

There are many regions around the world that reflect this stone structure/spiral petroglyph/star alignment/mining/UFO sightings theme. 

Here's just some more to throw into the ring - 

Pumupunka, Bolivia
Vibhuthihalli, india
Gobeklie Tepe, Turkey
Salisbury Plains
Wisconsin ancient mines and animal geoglyphs