What's Inside Skinwalker Ranch' Mesa?


SPOILER ALERT:  We will be discussing things that have occurred in the most recent episodes.

Researcher Dennis Guern and I have the most interesting conversations about Skinwalker Ranch and the situation there. We're going to share some insights and hypotheses -

We are looking at a fixed location in the mesa and in the sky that seem to relate. 

What do we know about these locations?

The sky location appears to bend laser light and (according to previews of next week's episode) may take in a rocket as if it's a doorway or black hole. 

In fact, launching a Voyager with earth info into that portal might be the best way to communicate with other beings rather than the crude and rudimentary radio waves or vehicle drifting aimlessly. 

We mean, if you could get from here to there without having to fly through endless space and taking forever, would you ever even go out there and hang out in the back 40 and find the Voyager and read the messages? Nope, you'd launch from your portal and end up somewhere else! 

No one advanced would be dallying in the space it takes to get from here TO there; they are either here OR there. 

The mesa location underground appears to have been caught on the GPS to show that the helicopter went below the mesa. 

There are also local tales of a ship going into the mesa. If this metal that is within the mesa is part of a ship that utilizes the ability to bend space and time around it, then it would have an aura like the ti-tac video showed. This very aura would help bend the mesa around it. 

If this ship is still actively affecting the meters the team utilizes, then it says to us that we are dealing with something based on physics and not electronics necessarily. 

Here's why - 

If this were a vehicle that perhaps for millions of years has utilized that portal above and entered the mesa, it is defying what we think we know about propulsion and physics. 

And whether it's intelligently occupied at this time or not, the ship does not utilize fuel as we know it and likely is still actively situated there with its aura "on."  It would maintain an endless power.

We see moving an object as a task performed by burning great deals of gases to propel forward. We see going from "here" to "there" in a very lineaer sense. This is also why seeing these vehicles in the air, we are confused by what propels them and how anyone could survive the movements they make. 

What we are missing, perhaps, is that element of physics in which the ship can make the rider feel as if they aren't moving at all, but the ship itself is bending that space and even time to look to outsiders as if it skipped fast across the sky and made a sharp turn. 

We are seeing it linearly instead of multidimensional.

Another example of this on earth are the megalithic structures and pyramids that can be found and whose erection cannot be recreated.

Instead of electronics and fuel, it utilizes metallurgy and physics. 

Dennis and I also concur that even though the Skinwalker team believes they are testing this anonymous intelligence, it's actually the intelligence that is testing them. 

It would seem that this kind of back and forth might have happened for many mellinnia. At this point, with the team putting direct attention to the "craft garage" in the mesa, they are pushing back to see if we can figure it out. 

They were once gods to earlier man. To us now, an advanced technology. 

Are we being tested and is mankind closer to full reveal and the transition to a new kind of knowledge that would allow a civilization to have free energy, to commute through space, to trade with other worlds? 

Keep watching and we shall see!


  1. Multidimensional vs linear travel would explain many questions. The unlimited power supply would have enormous implications for mankind and would leapfrog innovation. Might our military already have this knowledge and be hiding it for gain? If so we might be witnessing the slow release of this knowledge to limit the interruption to daily life. What a time to be alive!

    1. If Charles Hall is telling the truth about the Tall Whites at Area 53 and 54 at the Nellis Range, and the Air Force is helping them out, then most likely we have unlimited free energy. Like you said, it would have to be released slowly into society as not to collapse the economy. On a different note, I don't believe the aliens have complete control of the vortex at the skinwalker ranch, they can use it, but don't have complete containment of it like the one I'm aware of. And because of that, our Airforce most likely has nothing to do with the skinwalker ranch at this point in time, even though they would probably like too. You have to get in touch with the Ancient One's (Native Americans who lived in the past) in these areas, they can show you much.

    2. Brilliant observations. Thanks so much!

  2. I think its a tunnel to the treasure at Oak Island lmfao !

  3. We’ve had free energy from Tesla harnessed it.


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