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Understanding Hauntings and the Afterlife: Here's How It Works

Most of us regard the afterlife from the point of view of a living 3-dimensional player on a 3-dimensional field. Thus, we see a ghost as an invisible person who can get confused, trapped, vengeful, or concerned, but always in one place at one time.

Ghost investigators tend to hit all the most traumatic locations, assuming that somehow following an awful death one leaves their ghost to linger in that place and time. The problems with that include the fact that any of us who have had a bad event, generally do not want to go back to that location for any reason. As well, if you have passed on and are free to go anywhere, you might want to choose a beloved relative or a favorite vacation spot.

Once again, we are thinking too linear in our references. 

Why are some places haunted? 

Places of intense emotion at time of death or great pleasure while alive, should be haunted. It's not about being trapped, not knowing you're dead, or seeking vengence. 

Once again, we are thinking too linear in our references.

The human electromagnetic field seems to imprint on a space, whether it’s on the 3-dimensional, 4-dimensional, 5-dimensional plane. 

Imagine if you will that in a moment in time and space, a person leaves an imprint, like the 2-dimensional image on a photograph that can be pulled out and looked at later in the 3-dimensional world. 

We tag "recordings" of us when we emit the proper electrical and hormonal peaks that can leave a print of it in the higher dimensions. 

An image of a person is a 2-dimensional representation of how they appear in one moment in time. That 2-dimensional image enters the 3-dimensional world by hanging on a wall on a piece of photo paper. 

There is also a point of contact between the 3-dimensional world and the 2-dimensional world where they interact, such as when we press a finger to the photograph.

Here we are in a 3-dimensional playing field. We have a moment in time of great excitation, whether it’s anger, pain, grief, excitement, pleasure, contentment, prayer, and we leave an imprint on the next dimension that shares the same playing field. 

Upon occasion, that imprint we have left in a higher dimension (like that photo in a 3-D frame) will show itself in our lower dimension, like that time when our finger meets the photographic image.

We can leave an electromagnetic and chemical print in a higher dimension while angry in prison, dying in a sanitorium, screaming with excitement on a rollercoaster. 

In a way, consider those moments a "photograph" being captured and held in a higher dimension that doesn't use paper to hold and record but instead uses energy.

Since we are physical beings, the photograph captures how we appear physically. That is an important capture to us for recall memories and to document as we think in terms of the visuals and the physical world.

But, in a higher dimension, such as the afterlife inhabited by "soul" energies, we would have to leave an imprint there of something it registers, such as energy. To that plane of existence, that is the substance of importance, not the physical flesh. 

We psychics often refer to energy a lot. We have to, as there is no other real comparison for this form of transport and communication. Imagine if you will that a photographic image had a mind to think. He may think, "I feel I'm part of something bigger but I can't get outside of my 2 dimensions to view just what my purpose is." He has no idea he's a photograph of something on a higher plane.

Voila!  We walk around not able to perceive but knowing we are part of a soul, not understanding how that works or what the bigger picture is.  Once we step outside of mortal existence, like the photographic image being launched into the 3-dimensional world, everything becomes quite clear. We gaze upon the 2-dimensional image and think how limited an existence when there is so much more! 

Such is the perspective upon passing. 

If any of my readers watches "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch," on History Channel, you are likely caught up in the mystery in the air over the triangle.

 Is it a portal? Well, it very well could be a point of interaction between two dimensions like when we place our finger on that photograph. If the photograph had cognizance and vision, it would only see another dot on the horizon that appeared and then disappeared, as it has not ability to see depth. 

So it goes for us trapped in this mortal 3-dimensional plane. The interaction of a higher dimension would seem to be otherworldly and what we could actually perceive would only be that which three dimensions can hold and display, like the dot on the photograph for Mr. 2D.  We might only see what appears to be a vehicle or light. 

Did you ever notice how sometimes you pull up a memory of some mundane thing that happened in the past, but it’s so well imprinted in your memory you recall how you felt, what song was playing, and other details? For whatever reason, during that moment in time, you were leaving an imprint. We sometimes call it déjà vu.

It’s like a higher dimension storage of a memory, sort of like how a photo is a visual representation of a moment in time.

Is it possible that in a higher dimension, our souls wish to be back in the prior mortal life? 

Well, let's look at it this way: That photograph of you, you might wish you looked like your younger self when you gaze at it, but then you realize, "no thank you, if I had to repeat all I've been through again, no thanks."  

You also might look at the face of that youngster and think, "wow, I don't relate to her anymore." BINGO! This is why we are not constantly confronted by dead relatives badgering us about who we date or rescuing us. You would look at the photo and think, "I don't want to be a two-dimensional image stuck in time." 

The truth is, when we are free of the confines of this dimension, it is not only liberating, but being able to perceive 360 degrees, past, present and future without sense of separateness and ability to be anywhere and everywhere at any time all at once means we are no longer one specter in one location and we certainly are not trapped or confused as we are quite omniscient. 

Imagine for a moment who a photographic image would feel if it could peel off the paper it's printed on and suddenly be the actual person it represents in this 3-dimensional world. That's one jump in dimensions and yet suddenly that being has depth, movement, vitality, biology, thought, interactions. Its mind would be totally blown by all this input and this new playing field.

Now imagine what near-death experiencers describe as they are suddenly giving all knowledge, all vision, all sense of no longer being a separate entity? Mind blown upon birthing into the afterlife!

In a way, if the photographic image's friends knew he was going to get to move into the 3-dimensional plane, they would be cheering him on. 

This is a novel way of looking at birthing. 

We start birth to this plane down a tunnel to a light and those that greet us happily. Before that, all we knew was a womb, darkness, liquid, and a sense of physicality. 

We also birth into the afterlife with the same perception to be greeted by those awaiting us and a whole new sense of how limited and dark our world was and how amazing it is to be free. 

Many experiences of near-death report a sense of community on the other side that, like a returning warrior, you are taken into the fold and admired for having been willing to do the mortal thing. 

How does the human represent a soul? 

All it takes is one overly manipulated photo of someone to realize, "that's not the REAL them." Well, in this case the photographic facsimile isn't a real facsimile of the person. 

When we make decisions as mortals with a soul-energy we represent, we are either making a genuine representation or an ingenuine one, in which case we are not a true facsimile. This has moral implications. 

What about God and religious teachings? 

It would appear that no matter your spirituality here or your particular beliefs or lack thereof, we all end up the same dimension, a transformation from a biologic representation of soul energy to being free to be soul energy only. 

How does religion work into this rather scientific explanation?

 We are given these passionate teachings to help us remember we are a soul and we are representing it on this physical plane like the photograph represented us. 

If you look around our world and how everything is designed to maintain our life forms from oxygen and carbon dioxide, plants and animals, rain and oceans, even the animal forms that can reproduce, you begin to realize something monumental. 

This planet and its life forms were designed to run on autopilot and reproduce and play out here. If the photographic image utilizes ink and paper, we utilize trees, water, crops, and reproduce.

Near-death experiencers report a heaven that sounds a lot like earth.

We could chalk it up to that being our only point of perception. 

The truth is, earth is a facsimile of heaven. 

In heaven or the next dimension (you choose), the colors are acute, everything is full of life. That is the real thing. If we compare you to the photograph of you, we see the photo can't capture your sides, back, your varied expressions, the lighting in the afternoon or morning. 

Earth was designed as a facsimile to play upon for our biological forms to act out. The soul is with the body, playing with amnesia, believing it can die when it actually returns to the fold.

When we speak of people being pious, we are really saying that someone is recalling they represent a soul on this plane. 

When we forget we have a soul, we can make poor decisions thinking it only affects this playing field, but like a bad photograph (remember your third grade class picture?) you can represent the most soul-less decisions. 

The politics, power, and profit of religion aside, spirituality and faith, living as a soul in a human suit is the best practice. In order to impress such importance, we are often presented with religions that base much on black and white, good and bad, heaven and hell. 

If God wanted to prompt us with a hint, this is the way it is done to leave the most impression on mortals. 

The fact that a soul is willing to birth into this situation with a general sense of amnesia is an amazing leap of faith.


I leave you to ponder that.  

NOTE:  This is how I as both a psychic and a lifelong investigator of the spirit realm understands the experience. Depending on your faith, the media, your family and friends, your view may be entirely different. I never expect anyone to come to my conclusions, but I do appreciate a forum to be able to share my insights. 

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