UAPs: What Are They? What Do They Want? Can Elon Musk Help Answer Questions?

UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) have been reported since early history, but took on an obsession during the Cold War Era and 1940s. 

What are they? What do they want? 

This (above) very directed and steady triangular object followed the highway below purposefully at the same elevation. I wondered if it was a drone and it could have been, so like any other observer, I had to walk away from the curiosity.

But, I have witnessed many UAPs living here in Phoenix, at the base of South Mountain, where the Phoenix Lights were filmed in 1997.

In fact, I witnessed, along with a friend, identical Phoenix Lights with no sound, flying low over South Mountain's southern aspect on November 1, 1997, just several months after the infamous sighting. I pulled the car over and rolled the windows down and we watched it go over with the light formation - silent.

Neither of us felt any threat from it, just slack-jawed wonder.

Another engagement with UAPs occurred out in the desert in Mobile, AZ. A friend who builds telescopes was setting one up for us to view the skies at night. It was silent out, not a soul in sight. 

Suddenly, I saw red-orange orbs leapfrogging each other, parallel with the roadway and coming at us. I figured it was car lights at first and then I realize they were in the air, about 20 feet off the ground and as they leapfrogged closer, my ducking reflext took hold and I lowered my head. They went out all of a sudden when I became frightened. 

These lights are similar, but not the ones I saw as I did not have a camera for stills, but tried to capture them on a flipcam video, however, it was shaky and they appeared white on this bad quality camera. 

Minutes later these two orbs showed up at separate times a little further away but the dark silhoutte of a distant mountain was above them so I could tell they were perhaps a hundred feet off the ground. They danced and moved around with a self-contained light that did not shine beyond their orb. Sometimes they would chase and interact, other times, just one would show. They would go out and then come back. The strange thing is, every time I wished them back, they showed themselves. There was absolutely some kind of interaction. They didn't appear to be attached to any vehicle, made no sound, and there were no planes or other things that they could have been, not to mention their odd maneuvering. We witnessed these for a half or so. When we drove off, in the side mirror, I saw them still doing their back and forth. 

This unusual find (above) I made when searching the Grand Canyon on Google Earth. It was very out of place and odd. Going back on the timeline, I continued to find it each year. How does something slide over a hill and down and yet resembles a spaceship? Hmmm

36°12'01.66"N 112°19'15.22"W

Elon Musk's ambitious Starlink satellite configuration, encompassing the globe with thousands of satellites. Will such monitoring of our planet be taken as a curiosity or will it encounter interference? Perhaps this is the dawning of the age of communications for a reason - in preparation of something? 

Strangely, Bigfoot and UAPs have 5 similar traits:  

1.  They don't intend to hurt us, but coexist. Perhaps observe. Perhaps just share space. But, if they wanted to kill us or dominate us, they could do it in a heartbeat. Yet, they avoid it at all costs.

2. They seem to understand intention when it is upon them. If we seek them or we notice them, they want to hide. 

3.  They affect us enough to make us leave. Whether it's intentional or just a incidental, certain frequencies seem to make us uncomfortable. Perhaps the frequencies are being used without a realization of its affects upon the witnesses or perhaps it's use to nudge us on so they don't have to engage in confrontation.

4. Ideally they figure if they sit still no one will see them. In Bigfoot's case a tree will do, in a UFO's case a cloud will do.  But if they need to leave, they do so expediently. 

5.  They appear to have some sort of cloaking ability. 

It would seem to me that the very odd maneuvers that seem physically impossible and the strange aura glow around the ships may be showing us something other than actual 3-dimensional linear travel.

Is space curving around a vehicle or is the vehicle utilizing space in another dimension? Can these be a higher dimensional vehicle moving in its dimensional constructs and what we are seeing isn't so much an actual literal from point A to point B travel but all we can recognize is the part of this process that shows itself to us within our 3-dimensional limitations? Bending of space around them, moving within their dimension, may seem exceptional and bizarre but it may be that we can only register what appears within our 3 dimensions. 

I disagree somewhat with Brandon Fugal's concept that the powers at work at Skinwalker Ranch ("The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" on History Channel) is malevolent. 

This is somewhat like ghost phenomenon. A person gets up for a drink of water and night and hears something opening and closing the kitchen cabinet. They startle and go to check if someone has invaded their home, only to find no one there. It's unexplained. It frightens them. But was the entity trying to scare them or simply performing a maneuver that was hard for the witness to explain? It's not maleolvent, just startling. 

Any time we run into the novel, it's scary. We have no frame of reference if it's a threat or just a surprise.

It can certainly be that whatever is moving around in our air space doesn't have a realization that the way they power themselves could affect the living beings on the planet. It may not be maleolvent at all. Our injury could be incidental. It would seem if they meant anything malevolent, they certainly would just get right to it as they seem to have exceptional tools at hand.

Until a fleet of UFOs come down and impress their dominance, and since they have been seen for thousands of years, my guess is we have nothing to fear and much to learn. There is a whole new aspect to quantum physics when we understand how and where they come from, especially if they are working in their own higher dimension, unaware we see glimpses of them. 

The concept that UAPs and USOs (the ones that dive into the oceans), have always been present to protect the earth is a novel concept. I wouldn't mind having guardians that can do that, but I sure wish they'd involve themselves in breaking up wars or cleaning the plastic in the ocean. 

We don't have answers yet for who or why, but we can continue to capture sightings on photos and videos as it seems their sightings are increasing in number. 

Next Tuesday the 17th, Congress is holding a meeting to discuss UAPs. Let's see what they have to say, but I think we all know they are unlikely to give answers but to raise more questions.  



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