Should Skinwalker Ranch Talk to the HAARP Scientists?


The latest episode of "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" on History Channel has us wondering. What about that 1.6 gHZ frequency and its affects on humans?

Continuous exposure to 1.7 GHz LTE RF-EMF decreased human cell proliferation. (LINK to NATURE article)

I know the owner of the ranch likes to say it's some malevolence, but it appears there is no direct correlation that anything is targeting the humans. It's more likely an incidental issue when this frequency and conditions are utilized to materialize, transport, or do whatever their purpose is. It's like being too close to a plane engine when it starts up.

Still, Dennis Guern and I have been doing some research on the effects of certain frequencies on humans. That the two men awakened from sleep when there was this energy burst in the sky says that it affected their pineal glands that are involved in the sleep process. We know that infrasound affects this gland that releases sleep hormones and floats in cerebrospinal fluid. As well, when we are hit by geomagnetic storms from solar flares, it will make dreams very vivid.

In fact, it was discovered that Eastern State Penn when it rained on the spoke-like shaped building, infrasound traveled down the hallways and caused people to see shadow figures and feel uncomfortable like they do around Bigfoot utilizing infrasound.

For more perspective, our wireless transmissions are around 2.4 gHZ. Interestingly, 5gHZ (the new 5G) is faster but is restricted to a smaller area.

Let's take this a bit further. Remember HAARP experiment in Alaska? That array of antennae were testing frequencies in the ionosphere - where our atmosphere meets space. Sound familiar??? (S3 E4 of "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch)).

They were testing 2.8-10 mHZ. HAARP transmitted radio waves upward into the ionosphere, where they caused electrons to move in waves. HAARP was an ionospheric heater, so called because the excitation of electrons increases their temperature, and it is the most powerful ionospheric heater in the world. (cue the Blue Oyster Cult song, "Burnin' For You.")

These are clues that the team could really use. Dennis and I suggest they should bring on-board a HAARP scientist to learn more about what they did and what they found when they excited the electrons in the ionosphere...

And what is the importance of electrons in possibly transporting a ship or entity? Well, electrons are responsible for us being "solid." They help the atoms to give shape and adherence to form objects. If we were ever going to learn how to beam someone up - we'd need to make the electrons break free and then have memory to reconstitute with atoms to reform the same object/vehicle/entity.

The next episode (S3 E5) is described as - Former NIDS employee, retired Army Colonel John Alexander, visits the ranch; after the Skinwalker team repeat an experiment that he indicates may have opened a portal, they receive a mysterious signal that appears to be an attempt to communicate.

"The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" on History Channel Tuesday evenings. 


  1. Great ideađź’ˇ I wonder if Travis is already in touch with their scientists. Hopefully so!


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