Thursday, May 12, 2022

Don Monroe Case Files: Possible Bigfoot or Nephilim? DNA Hair Analysis


Today we enjoy another finding from Don Monroe's lengthy and thorough research career. 
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While studying a very hidden cave with feral people or Bigfoot inhabiting it, Don got dozens of hand and foot casts, but one time his fellow researcher joining him, Var Harris, found some ideal hair where it caught on the ceiling, obviously something on two legs!

The hair was sent on to be cursory analyzed and then on to a lab in Europe. 

Below is the analysis from Henner Fahrenbach, zoologist and submitted by Bigfoot researcher, Ray Crowe.

"Overall, it looks like a winner for Sasquatch!" 

Below are the relayed results of the DNA testing in Europe. Skewers were also sent that had gumdrops that were eaten by the occupants of the cave. 

It is interesting to note "the allele of Y chromosome was found, without amplification of X chromosome (never seen in this laboratory)." The examiner said, "I am a specialist and I don't know how to understand that." There was also notation that the lab only handles human DNA samples. 

Back and forth Don has pondered if he was dealing with some kind of feral people or Bigfoot in the cave.

To put these unusual findings into perspective, Y chromosome denotes a male. Men are XY and women are XX. It would seem impossible to not carry the X chromosome as most of our information is in that. We can do without Y, as women are XX, but everyone must have an X.

Mammals have an X or Y chromosome to define their gender. By this sample, the hair came from a male mammal, but without the critical X chromosome with it, it would seem impossible to be a viable living being. 

If one were to take an extraordinary leap, one of the nephilim, who are said to be part angelic and part human, might show such an oddity of gender assignment without mammalian X chromosomes, creating a being that literally could have a sexual assignment, but be created of angelic content that doesn't need the classic mammalian DNA X coding. 

Of course, this is quite a leap, but an intriguing one.

I'd love input from readers. Feel free to comment. 

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  1. If someone could literally 'give' the world the full explanation of 'Bigfoot'...few would accept it. Even though, it ties together 20-different 'legends' across 2,000 years...people just won't open their mind to the fact that the creature we know as 'Bigfoot' is completely 'mortal' (skin-and-bone), but is NOT of Earth-origin...but, in legend, its origin IS provided...if you only listen and understand.
    What the Celts and Norse knew 1,000-years ago as 'Trolls' is, in fact, Bigfoot. What the Jewish know to be 'Nephilim' (a word NOT in the KJV, but IS in their other writings) is similarly passed on in Norse 'Yggdrasil' legends of those 'from Nefilim' of the nine worlds (FYI, 'Midgard' is no, Bigfoot is from Nefilim, not 'Midgard')...and there is of course, the lands of 'Jotenheim' (the world of 'Giants' even larger race...possibly the source for 25-ft tall 'Mountain Gaints', 'Mountain Trolls' and 'Biblical Giants'...such as Samiel...said to be 3,000-Ell's...or about 5,000-ft tall). If you want to understand 'Bigfoot', you first have to start 'at the beginning', and realize that they are NOT originally 'from Earth', and that you are told who and what they are...then you begin to understand the questions that David Paulides hints at...such as how 'disappearing people always are associated with water, rock fields, granite, etc.' Well, if there are Bigfoot...then is there a 'Bifrost bridge' between worlds? If there is one, what would it look like? How would you anchor each end to tie the two together...stones are the 'longest-lasting' of planetary structures...and granite is one of the 'least-changing' of all stones (chemically and structurally) wouldn't you configure a gateway of such 'granite stones', then placing ONE 'activation stone' nearby (in movies, the activator is Heimdahl's sword...but in reality, it is but another 'special stone') make the 'bridge' active. This does NOT mean someone is coming across it that moment...only that 'the bridge is open'...IF...the activator stone on the other end is ALSO in place (thus, stumble into a field, and you see a cabin...backtrack your path, and the cabin is gone and you are back in your 'world'). Not only 'could it work like this', but 'it does work like this'...and while 'our end activator stone' is semi-permanently set in place, they remove their end to effectively 'close the door'...oh...and the 'shoes issue' that Paulides always want to know 'why are the shoes and socks always missing, when clothes are found?' Easy...the 'humans' on their end ONLY HAVE FOUR TOES!
    I know...because 'I know someone who stumbled into this very place...and spent 3-days there, before running in fear to return...' what I was told, was far more freightening than this...but the mechanics of 'how' was mindblowing...yet perfectly fit in so many ways, I knew they didn't make it up as a flight-of-fantasy, either. Their world is 'large, and wild...boreal and foggy and green....and very very scary'...Where we have chased space and circuit technology...they have spent equally long-periods of time chasing biological 'technology'...those 'bigfoot' we know are dumbed-down slaves to those much smarter ones...and there are far more horrific creatures on their world, than we dare dream of...we can only hope they keep the gate SHUT on their end, but it seems 'some of their slaves' fled to here...maybe in time, that 'doorway' won't always remain shut.