Don Monroe Case Files: The Trading Post Heist


In this Don Monroe Case files, it's not going to concentrate on his research and evidence, but on the man himself. This modern-day pioneer man is an old west character relived. This story takes place at a trading post Don had in a nowhere town in Idaho.

Don was in his trading post one morning when two men came in. They acted a big cagey and he was watching them approach, hoping they weren't what his instincts said they were. But, they were!

One man reached into his pocket and something pointy inside the pocket made Don swallow. 

"Hey, what if I were to hold you up, what would you do?" The man asked.

Don slowly reached his arms in the air and said, "I'd probably do this."

Only the man didn't know that Don had a rifle in the rafter overhead for such situations. He pulled it out as the man removed his gun from his pocket. 

Don held the rifle point to the thief's chest. The robber's buddy ran outside, got in the car and drove off. 

Just then, a cowboy buddy came into the shop and Don called out for him to take the man's gun and tie him up. The buddy did so.

And then, Don took the man outside and put him under a tree and proceeded to pour Coca-Cola all over the crook. 

The sheriff was pretty distant and basically told Don, if something goes down, take care of it and then I'll come clean it up. So, Don went inside and called the sheriff. 

While inside, Don took a coaster and tore it into a shape and came outside and proceeded to hold it up and tell the guy he was the deputy sheriff and presented the made-up badge with laughter.

The robber screamed as ants began to bite him. No doubt the robber thought Don was insane and capable of anything. His panic rose.

Then, Don took an out of work gun and put it just out of reach. The thief couldn't get to it, but was tormented by the sight of it.

And as the thief cursed him, Don handed him a note to make his terror rise even more. 

When the sheriff came, it was a bit of a smile on his lips that showed he knew Don could take care of business. He carted the thief off.