Thursday, March 10, 2022

Walking a Labyrinth


Welcome to my labyrinth! I had a part of the  yard that nothing grew in and lots of wood mulch there, so I thought I'd do something I've always wanted - a labyrinth.

It's best to begin the labyrinth with a positive thought, goal, prayer, or a problem you want to work on solving. As you walk, watch your feet, go slowly, focus on the subject. When you get to the center, stay a while. I put a rock stack of quartz in mine that I hope to build up over time.

I laid it out with ugly garden borders the last owners left. I could have thrown them out, but I like to use everything, so I broke them into pieces and used them to lay out the shape. 

I mixed up some cob (3 parts sand/1 part clay soil/1 part straw, mix with water until it clumps together like peanut butter cookie dough) and am working on a crescent moon-shaped seat in the center. I will press sea glass in the seat top. 

It probably sounds like a hippie thing, but the odd part of this is it gives a physicality to your spiritual aspects, like a mini church in your yard where you see it and it makes you realize you have some things to work out and so you walk it. 

I made a cob bench to sit on while I concentrate on my goal I've contemplated as I walked the path. It has sea glass embedded into it, shaped like a crescent moon. Over time, I will add more and more powerful rocks to the rock stack. It's a great way to start the day and contemplate positive outcomes. 

COB:  3 parts sand, 1 part clay dirt, 1 part straw with water added to form into shapes. Really fun to work with. More projects coming!

Here's some inspiring labyrinths - 

You can find labyrinths in your area in public locations often times, but not enough if you ask me! If I didn't have an HOA where I live, I'd have mine in the front yard with the opening at the sidewalk for folks to walk and contemplate. 

Try it!

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