Monday, March 14, 2022

Stargazing and UFO Watching


There's nothing like an evening spent out back watching the sky. Whether you're curious about viewing the space station, counting satellites, learning the constellations, or perhaps hoping to view a UFO, the night sky awaits you.

My first consideration in making a yard that is friendly for the night watching is to be sure that you are down low, out of the light of any streetlights. You can certainly head out in your car to a lonely stretch away from the city, but if you want convenience, I suggest lounge chairs. And, if you have friends or family viewing too, put the lounge chairs in a wagon wheel formation so everyone views a different portion of sky. 

Lounge Chairs

Telescopes are fantastic ways to really learn more about our solar system and the galaxy, but infrared nightvision goggles are wonderful for UFO spotting.

If you want to bring your love for stars indoors, consider a star projector.

If your mind is focused on seeing UFOs, you might want to be ready to take notes, either written or audio on your cell phone. Reporting the sighting to MUFON is a great step. Just take note of things like time, how high on the horizon, how far, who else witnessed with you, lights, length of sighting, any odd feelings, etc.

The sky is a show ongoing each evening. Make a night of it. Pack a cooler, get some good tunes, and don't forget a book to help you know just what it is you're seeing. The Backyard Astronomer's Guide is a good one!

And check your playstore on your phone as there are some cool stargazing apps that let you aim your phone and find out what you are looking at. 

Happy viewing!

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