The Skeleton Ghost of the Desert


In the Anza-Borrego Desert State park in San Diego, California area, their remains a long-held legend of a skeleton ghost.

Between the Superstition Mountains and Seventeen Palms area at nighttime, you might see something you never imagined in your wildest musings of terror and ghosts.

The first to see it was a prospector who noted that his burros were acting up, so he went to see what the fuss was about. He was confronted with a sight that would surely stay with him the rest of his life - an extremely tall skeleton with a lantern in his chest cavity glowed as he shambled around the desert, looking as if he were lost.

Various prospectors and those wandering through the desert between Superstition Mountain and Borrego Springs have reported the same bizarre and horrifying figure with the lantern in his chest. 

One man actually shot at it, but it did not react to it.

Locals tend to lean toward the explanation of the ghost of a prospector still looking for a lost mine. 

It's only one of many stories of this region from dancing ghosts to a phantom stagecoach. 

For more info, check out the book Mysterious California


  1. That's a cool story. I wonder if the apparition isn't a conscious being but one of those ghosts that are just a replaying period in time. Those types of apparitions don't react to people or other stimuli from what I hear. The most interesting part, I think, is the description of it being a skeleton with a lantern in its chest. What memory could that be replaying?


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