Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Creepy Must-See Places and Things


Flintstones Bedrock Park in Arizona
 264 US Highway 180, Williams, AZ
This darling park in Williams, Arizona found an ideal setting to recreate our beloved Bedrock.

Abandoned Land of Oz park in North Carolina,
Beech Mountain, North Carolina
This now defunct themed-park is atop a mountain and left as a very lonely memory.

Cabazon Dinosaurs just off I-10 in California in Cabazon. You might recall them from a scene in "Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure."

Every since I was a teen driving across country and seeing billboards along the way saying "You must see The Thing!" I wanted to go to Benson, AZ and see this gift shop and roadside attraction.

Exit 322 on I-10 between Benson and Willcox.

How about a museum based on the more odd types of Fossils and ones that might hint at the ancient giants?? If you're going through Texas, go to Mt Blanco Fossil Museum

How about checking out a Chupacabra on display?  I like where this museum curator is going with this. This is what we really want, not the history we are drilled about, the one everyone's been hiding!

When I trekked back to my beautiful home state of Virginia, I came across Dinosaur Land in White Post. Oh wow! 

The park was beautiful and thrilling. Lots of posing possibilities with the dinosaurs. Schools take kids there for field trips and tourists stop by the huge gift shop.

It's not hard to find amazing and weird places to visit. I highly suggest Weird US and Atlas Obscura for great ideas in your area!

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