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Blind Frog Ranch and Skinwalker Ranch: Let's Compare Anomalies


Most of us paranormal geeks are watching both series, "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" on History Channel and "Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch" on Discovery. And we are puzzling over the mysteries, but Utah has long held a LOT of focus for my research team for the rare earth elements, as well as much talk of ancient giants and treasures. Something drove a prior culture and the Aztecs to the area, as well as Spanish Jesuits in search of gold. So, what's the deal with this place of high strangeness? 

Researcher Dennis Guern and I will break down some elements we've been watching - 

During the Pleistocene Era the Uintas were extensively glaciated. Lakes formed by this process dominate the mountains. ... The Uinta Basin lies south of the Uinta Mountains. The southern rim of the basin is formed by the Tavaputs Plateau of the Book Cliffs, and the western rim is formed by the Wasatch Mountains (SOURCE)

This is an area rich in oil and gas, it's been widely developed, especially all around the Skinwalker Ranch area (just north of the Monument Butte oil fields). 

In fact, shale (a geological presence that indicates potential oil reservoirs) contains gamma rays. When added to the presence of uranium, this could add even more to the "radiation" factors of this area. 

The two ranches are about 20 miles apart with Blind Frog Ranch in the NNE direction from Skinwalker Ranch. (see picture at top of this post)

We are going to share some maps to shed light on many conditions that could be contributing to or motivating what is going on in these areas.

In studying these factors, we ponder whether what is happening there is incidental (i.e. occurring with unexpected and unintentional outcome, by happenstance) or orchestrated (i.e. conditions utilized by an intelligence).

Below is a map of oil and gas exploration and production (green-oil and red-gas).  The black dot in the upper right of center is Skinwalker Ranch location. 

Below is an aeromagnetic and gravity map where in the upper right the black dot represents Skinwalker Ranch. (More on the aeromagnetic aspect further on in this post). 

The Upheaval Dome (above) created by a giant meteor impact site is 80 miles due south of Skinwalker Ranch.

So, we can say the land is rich with oil and gas, as well as ancient lakes and impact site. 

(oil, gas and mining map - white dot is Skinwalker Ranch)

Both ranches have recorded unusually high levels or radiation and it would appear there are fissures, openings, shallow areas where it is seeping from the caverns below. When we look at the uranium map of Utah, we see that there is a large swath of uranium in the area of both ranches.

(ranches in area of black dot at top, the light blue color is uranium rich land)

Let's take a look at the known cavern systems in Utah - 

(black dot is the area of the ranches in a cavern rich area)

Let's go further and look at high strangeness in the area - 

Bigfoot sightings (circled area is Uinta Basin). Considering the low population in this region to witness Bigfoot-like beings, it's a pretty concentrated sighting area.


This map below is an aeromagnetic map of the Uinta Basin area. See the gray circle in the upper right? That's the area of Blind Frog Ranch and Skinwalker Ranch. High magnetism shows a likely big source of magnetite in the ground. This can actually be registered as an anomaly.

The electric and .magnetic forces in EMFs are caused by electromagnetic radiation. There are two main categories of EMFs: Higher-frequency EMFs, which include x-rays and gamma rays. These EMFs are in the ionizing radiation part of the electromagnetic spectrum and can damage DNA or cells directly. (SOURCE)

On a recent episode of "Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch," an ex-guard at Skinwalker Ranch mentioned a government group that had an intense interest in the physiological effects of those in that area. It is obvious there is knowledge of gamma rays and radiation risk in the region. But what else can these conditions produce or attract?

What about those gamma rays picked up on the Skinwalker Ranch? 

They are produced by the hottest and most energetic objects in the universe, such as neutron stars and pulsars, supernova explosions, and regions around black holes. On Earth, gamma waves are generated by nuclear explosions, lightning, and the less dramatic activity of radioactive decay. (SOURCE)

NOTE:  Often times UFOs are seen around lightning and volcanoes where gamma rays are produced. The other UFO-happy sites are the nuclear facilities that could also have capability of producing gamma rays. Taking this finding even further, shale sedimentary rock has gamma rays and where there is shale, there is oil. In fact, oil workers often report UFOs. In this one case, a UFOs hovered over the Eagle Ford Shale (south Texas). SOURCE

If you consider this, gamma rays are utilized to target cancer cells specifically which is good, but if utilized all over the body, it can destroy life. 

We can utilize the power of nuclear energy with lots of power for lighting communities, but utilized in a missile launch, it can cause mass death. 

Perhaps other races of intelligent beings in the universe(s) seek to have us utilize this energy in the proper way. There are cases of UFOs showing up and missile silos shutting down. SOURCE.

Some say that aliens are not happy with us and our exploration of nuclear power, but like a parent keeping a child's hand from a flame, yet teaching them how to use the flame to make smores, these beings may very well have helpful intentions. Any tool can be helpful or harmful, depending on the intentions of the handler and their knowledge of proper use....

Is this is a coincidence that UFOs show up in areas associated with gamma rays? We think not. The odds are just too low. 

For a long time, people have speculated about UFOs in relation to mining areas, assuming there is some mineral they want there. Dennis and I feel that there is something they want there, but it is not the minerals being mined, but the earth conditions that occur in such places. 

Is it possible a volcanic eruption or lightning can be a means to come and go from this world to another? Or does production of gamma rays take on an interest to extraterrestrial life forms? This would be rather like having a fire alarm that sets off and you search for the source of the fire. 

If you read the excellent book Hunt for the Skinwalker, there was a moment when the NIDS team was researching on the ranch and two men with binoculars witnessed a light occurring just above the ground and some kind of Bigfoot-like creature crawling out of it as if a portal had deposited a being. 

Taking that one step further, we ponder whether alien life might study us for signs that we are producing gamma rays which are the transport catalyst for us to join the galactic collective and world hop? 

Is mankind, with the advent of the splitting of the atom, coming close to another evolutionary step? Would concerned other worldly beings be watching us like a mama watching a child learn to cook, hoping they don't cut their finger or get burned? 

Let's say a portal could be, opened. Would gamma rays be the energy it puts out or the energy needed to create the portal? 

The Earth's magnetic field is not able to deflect gamma rays, just the majorities of the protons from the Solar wind or the cosmic rays, but not the gamma rays. It's fortunate for us that there are not very much gamma rays sources on the universe, only very high energetic Supernovae are able to produce gamma rays. (SOURCE)

Conditions at the ranch seem ideal for a lot of oddities. Look at the magnetite in the ground, the uranium (radiation), shale (highest gamma ray content of any rock formation).

(Gamma rays) are found in all rocks and soil and even in our food and water. Artificial sources of gamma radiation are produced in fission in nuclear reactors, high energy physics experiments, nuclear explosions and accidents. (SOURCE)

The problem with them picking up such high gamma rays on the ranch is that the soil and rock alone should not be putting off measurements like they are getting. And, if you recall, their meters measuring all sorts of fields were going bonkers across the spectrum of frequencies. 

Gamma rays have very high frequency but short wavelengths. 

Concrete can stop gamma rays, so ideally a concrete room might be a dream getaway on the ranch.  Is it a coincidence they found a concrete room in one of the buildings on the ranch? Did someone know something or was it an incidental finding? 

If you recall in an episode of "The Mystery at Blind Frog  Ranch" the men took some sand and heated it in a crucible to make metal. In fact, Duane wears a badass necklace made of it. 

Ironsand is a thing.  

Ironsand, also known as iron-sand or iron sand, is a type of sand with heavy concentrations of iron. It is typically dark grey or blackish in colour.It is composed mainly of magnetite, Fe3O4, and also contains small amounts of titanium, silica, manganese, calcium and vanadium.

Ironsand is found worldwide. Although the iron mineral composition of the ironsand is mostly magnetite, the sand is usually mixed with other types of sand that washes downriver or ashore from mountainous or underwater deposits. The exact composition of the sand mixture may vary drastically even in the same geographic region. In some areas the sand may contain mostly quartz, while in others the sand may be made primarily from volcanic rock such as basalt, depending on the types of minerals along the water's path. The ironsand is typically picked up along the way from beds, veins, or inclusions of magnetite, which may originate a great distance from the sand deposits, and washed downstream or along the currents with the rest of the sand. Being heavier than the other sands, it is often deposited in areas where the water experiences a sudden change in direction or speed, such as the widening of a river or where the waves ebb and flow
 against the shoreline.  

And, we already know that conditions there at Blind Frog Ranch are ideal for ironsand as the aeromagnetic map shows likely high magnetite. As this is a gold land with basalt and prior volcanic, it has quartz. The many washes allow for lots of transfer of magnetite throughout.  Washes are notorious for changes in water levels and speed, as well. 

It may not be magical that they can smelt metal from sand, but it is pretty cool and also verifies the high magnetite levels.

What about the radiation levels?  Caverns are great vessels for holding radiation caused by the underground uranium in the area. In fact, inspecting caves in such an area can be quite risky.

(SOURCE)  Brandon Fugal (Skinwalker Ranch owner) on Twitter - "I guess cows die all the time from stress when alone in the corner of a ranch with unusual gamma & microwave radiation, multiple cell phones malfunctioning & other anomalies. Oh, & the carcass hasn’t been touched by scavengers in 9 months. “Nothing to see here, move along folks” 

Microwave frequencies were picked up at the ranch at various times and one has to wonder if perhaps it's related to communication - 

Stars, including the Sun, are natural microwave sources. Under the right conditions, atoms and molecules can emit microwaves. Man-made sources of microwaves include microwave ovens, masers, circuits, communication transmission towers, and radar. SOURCE


It would appear that the supposedly irradated bat found at Blind Frog Ranch on a recent episode is an unusual finding. It looks apparent the show was filmed during warmer months.

One question that has come up over the years is whether the radiation in the mines could be hazardous to bats. BCI and the BLM partnered with Northern Arizona University to conduct a study to answer this question. They found that in the summer, bats would generally roost high in the mines, above the radon, which was at low levels. In the winter, radon would rise higher, but the bats were hibernating and their respiratory rate was so low, so it didn’t harm them. (SOURCE)

From that statement above, one could assume the bat had been wandering around lower in the mines in the summertime. This is comparing radon exposure. Radon is a naturally-occurring radioactive gas. But, in the case of the irradiated bat, as the bats are obviously grouping and flying out of the cave at night in great numbers, this one being irradiated and dying and the others not might be a significant find. That very radiation exposure it had likely came from another area of the cave and like a canary in a cage, should be respected for the dangers any explorers might encounter.


Dennis and I have been back and forth on the conditions in this area, the sightings, the government's interest, strange phenomena, and more. 

We both go into this with no vested beliefs in what the explanation is. As researchers we strive to let the evidence tell us what's happening rather than twisting evidence to support a chosen supposition.

That being said, we are going to take an extraordinary leap and propose a portal situation, either the tail end of a wormhole or a sort of doorway opening and closing between parallel worlds.

Here's how we see it - 

The region has very unusual characteristics between uranium content, shale, cavern systems, and magnetite. These combinations appear to create conditions that are ideal for entering and exiting our world, most especially the presence of gamma rays. 

That being said, a byproduct we might be able to measure is something so unusual and high frequency as gamma rays. Gamma rays could be like the car exhaust of an auto driving down the road, a byproduct of a process (contrail). Or a blast of all the frequencies (seen on the meters) are used to create the opening or they pass through the opening from the "other world." 

The "high strangeness" could be due to the government looking at cattle as an example of the physiologic changes from land atop of uranium or regions that are strangely having spikes of gamma rays. It could be attributed to the passage from one world to this one of odd beings. 

In fact, a gamma ray telescope that can pick up ultraviolet frequencies might be ideal for use in Skinwalker Ranch's studies. Where there are gamma rays, there might be portal activity.

Star Trek Transporter? 

Shared electrons located in the space between the two nuclei are called bonding electrons. The bonded pair is the “glue” that holds the atoms together in molecular units. SOURCE

The responsible element for holding the atoms together that make us and other physical objects solid are the electrons. But, what if you broke an electron free of the atom? As atoms make up molecules that create solid objects, it should break apart molecules. But how would one reconstitute atoms with electrons to recreate molecules to make up the object again on the other end of "transport"? 

Gamma rays can also be generated in the decay of some unstable subatomic particles, such as the neutral pion. Gamma-ray photons, like their X-ray counterparts, are a form of ionizing radiation; when they pass through matter, they usually deposit their energy by liberating electrons from atoms and molecules.

Those  gamma rays showing up at Skinwalker Ranch could very well be necessary for a higher intelligence to break apart solid 3-dimensional beings for transport and reconstitution. 

The release or addition of electrons to an atom causes a positive or negative charge. Positive ions are created when there are lost electrons. Interesting, positive ions are not necessary a good thing for us. They create free radicals that are harmful to us. 

The reverse of this is adding electrons which causes negative ions. Negative ions are beneficial. They can take particles in the air and weigh them down (how air cleaners work) and they also create a sense of euphoria and well-being to people which is why moving water and himalayan salt lamps are soothing as they create negative ions. Negative ions increase oxygen to the brain, can create alertness. In fact, the negative ions generated from places like Niagara Falls are often attributed with making people too cocky near the falls, causing potential accidents by getting too close. 

So, looking at the positive and negative ions we can figure out a physiological issue humans have when gamma rays are being utilized - the use of gamma rays allows electrons to detach from atoms, taking away the glue that holds them into molecules that make up a solid object. They also put out positive ions which will make people feel sick. 

We can take this one step further and say that when these conditions exist, gamma rays are spiking, electrons are breaking free of atoms, creating positive ions, the people at the ranch should feel sickly and their meters should be going off.

Conversely, if something is reconstituting its form, electrons will be added and this creates negative ions. 

A simple ionometer might be helpful for the team to pursue this avenue of detecting something "transporting." A log of the general feelings of fitness or sickness from the ranch folks would be further helpful in figuring out if there are spikes of negative ions making them actually feel good and alert and then if a strange "being" (skinwalker) appears, that may be the reconstitution of something transported.

The bonds that hold atoms together to form molecules are called covalent bonds. They are pretty tough and not easily made or broken apart. It takes energy to make the bonds and energy is released when the bonds are broken.

Since gamma rays have so much energy, they pass right through the mirror of a standard optical telescope. Instead, gamma rays are detected by the optical flashes they produce when interacting with the material in a specially designed instrument such as a scintillation detector. (SOURCE) A scintillator detector is a great tool!

Something as simple as ultraviolet game cams on the property might be more beneficial than regular cameras.

Interestingly, bats in the rainforest can see the UV spectrum of light. This was a finding by Max Planck Institute. (SOURCE)

If we want to take the romantic avenue of realization, the "light" that is brighter than anything imagined and contains a source of absolute unconditional love as experienced by near-death patients, could very well be this light of the bursting and creation found in the celestial heavens (gamma rays). Perhaps the viewing of gamma rays is part of the transition from one world to the next! Could exposure to negative ions create the sense of love and exuberant relief of illness during near-death? If you were being "reconstituted" into Heaven, one would assume perhaps electrons coming back onboard and creating that happy juice called negative ions.  


Add an ionometer.
Utilize ultraviolet game cams
A scintillator detector
Check for ironsand (same suggestion for Blind Frog Ranch)

**"Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch" on Discovery Channel has a couple more episodes left that look terribly suspenseful. As well, "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" begins its third season this summer between June-July on History Channel.**

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