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What Maps Reveal About the Paranormal


There is something that unifies all the unexplained and likely this is related to something within the earth itself, from piezo-electricity, electromagnetic fields, geology, and gravity that helps to either feed, fuel, or create reactions with the unexplained to the point it either is seen more readily by us or it location specific. Let's have a look at some maps of phenomena and see what we can infer from it - 

Below is a map of Bigfoot sightings around the US.

Below is a map of UFO sightings around the US

These two are looking almost identical, eh?

Below is a map of where ancient giant skeletons have been uncovered.

Are we seeing a pattern yet? 

Below is a map of geology of the US

The green and hot pink areas show granite and limestone; two geologic formations often associated with hauntings.

Let's look at another map - US population density. It goes without saying that where people are located, more sightings of the unusual will be reported. It's sort of like; if there is no person in the woods to hear it and a tree falls, will it make a sound? This map might make you assume that these sightings are incidental in those locations because there are more people living there and more people reporting. But, could there actually be more incidents there to report and why? 

Well, let's go back and look at that geology map. There is a big strip with lack of granite or limestone down the west of center running south to north. 

It is the same strip that is empty on our population density.

It is the same strip that is evident on the map of ancient giant skeletons.

It is the same strip that reveals almost no Bigfoot sightings or UFO sightings.

In fact, if you view it, you might think that Southwest Kansas is one of the single most boring places in the country.

How about the rankings of most haunted states?
1. Louisiana.
2. Pennsylvania.
3. California.
4. Rhode Island.
5. Tennessee.
6. Nevada.
7. Texas.
8. Florida.
9. Missouri.
10. South Carolina.

Now, let's look at the least haunted states and if they happen to be in that "dead alley" - 

45. South Dakota. - yup
46. Wyoming. - yup
47. New Hampshire.
48. Nebraska. - yup
49. Vermont.
50. North Dakota. - yup

This makes things more interesting. We have plenty of population density in New Hampshire and Vermont, bad geology, but we are promising on Bigfoot, ancient giants and UFO sightings. So, why not so haunted? Given that there is plenty of history and population there - what gives? Geology?

Let's look at a physical map of the US that shows mountain ranges. Interesting, eh? 

It appears, if you look at this physical map above, that the hauntings do not have to do with mountain locations, but more so Bigfoot and UFOs do. Hmmm

Let's go one map further to waterways  -

Let's hold it up to the map of Bigfoot sightings - a biological being who needs water. This actually strongly supports a population of hidden human family in the US by their location to waterways. That is not random of fanciful liars, but purposefully located so that sightings are where waterways exist. 

What about waterways and ancient giants? They seem to support each other, as well, revealing that an ancient civilization could have existed simply by where they were living near waterways. 

What about fault lines where great pressure occurs? Might these cause sightings of oddities or support a source of attractive energy? We do know before earthquakes the skies can have odd lights - just one example of the capability of this energy. 

Let's look at UFO sightings again - 

This UFO map and the seismic map are fairly aligned, but not terribly impressive. When we look at the UFO map, people along the ocean report more UFO sightings. Is this because flying over the ocean is the best way to not be seen as much or because the ocean offers a great deal of sky for viewing? Or are there more sightings there because of population density? 

Let's go further and look at a map of military installations around the US and UFO sightings - 

Here below are UFO sightings....

Above is a map of military installations. This looks very interesting! In fact, either the military is showing air vehicles that we are mistaking or someone is curious about our bases - 

Now, back to giants - 

How about this map of mining areas in the US? Does it correlate with an ancient people who liked to mine? 

(ancient giant finds)

Oh yes, that would support that ancient giants were along waterways and mining areas which supports that they existed and did have industry here.

How do we get past the population density issue, that when there are more people there are more witnesses but not necessarily more activity? 

We ask ourselves questions like these above: If there is a giant hairy person hiding, would they hide in the mountains and near waterways to support them? It would seem so. And, if there was an ancient mining culture, might they live near waterways and areas we mine today? Yes. So, we also learn much about our own desire to live near resources, whether the sea, waterways or minerals. 

What about taking a map of Native American Reservations and seeing if the Bigfoot prefer to live on the undeveloped lands where the people are more respectful of their space? Let's compare this map above with a Bigfoot sighting map...

There doesn't seem a strong correlation there. 

Let's have a look at national forests and Bigfoot - 

(National Forests)
(Bigfoot sightings)

Well those two maps seem to show together nicely. Waterways, mountains and parks with Bigfoot in attendance and sighted in these areas supports a population of lonely folks who know just where to hide and survive.

We've also learned that haunted places and not-so-haunted places follow the geology map indicating that mineral-dense areas have more hauntings reported. 

I encourage others to go about finding maps to correlate any potential commonalities between paranormal reporting and features of the US, whether it's battlefields or original Native sites, and the like. 

The only way we begin to understand commonalities is by observing these things on maps to help give a visual to the concentrations. I did a study in 2009 about haunted locations looking for common factors and found these statistics in 50 most haunted sites -

Geology (in order of most potent geology and then descending in importance)
1. Limestone: 13 of 14 sites with limestone ranked a 5 or 6 on the haunted scale (6 being most haunted commonalities)
2. Shale: 12 of 13 sites with shale ranked a 5 or 6 on the haunted scale
3. Sandstone 20 of 22 sites with sandstone ranked a 5 or 6 on the haunted scale
4. Granite 1 of 2 sites with granite ranked a 5 or 6 on the haunted scale.

WATERWAYS: (I considered if the site was within a mile of running water, stream, river, ocean)
41 of 50 sites had this feature--that is very significant. It's also hard to discover whether or not the other 9 sites had underground springs, so it's a very hard one to judge. Also, people tended to build homes near waterways long ago before we had wonderful plumbing and such. I did not, however, find one super haunted site that did not have water nearby.

Expect me to continue on this concept, as I have been working on a book "Spirit Vessels: Why Some Buildings Are Haunted" to expose more factors.

I hope everyone keeps up the interest in finding commonalities and searching for the "alchemy" involved in paranormal locations.

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