Top 10 Spring Fever Movies


We do have spring fever already in Phoenix. It's only January, but my trees are sprouting leaves and flowers.

If you are shivering and dreaming of warm sun on your skin, here's my top 10 favorite movies to propel into warm climes, at least in your mind.

My top 10 faves for spring fever 

My spring fever movies usually involve water. Here's my 10 favorites to watch in marathons when I want spring and summer to be here NOW. There are no in particular order.

Captain Ron

A family inherits a yacht and needs to sail it from the Caribbean to Florida, so they hire a local captain who is a bumbling idiot. Comedy.

I love this one because it's on the water the whole time, it's funny and lighthearted, and I daydream about riding around on a sailing yacht. 

Under the Tuscan Sun
A woman going through a divorce goes on a trip to Italy and decides to buy a villa and not go back to the US. Drama/Romance.

This one is lush and beautiful in the Tuscany setting with sunflowers, grapes and olives. Her home is gorgeous, the foods divine, the men gorgeous, and the grounds green and lush. 

Stealing Beauty
A young woman goes to an Italian artist's colony in hopes of finding her real father. Drama/Comedy.

I always dreamed of an artist's colony lifestyle and this is so beautiful with sculptures in the garden, a beautiful swimming pool, vineyards, and a very gorgeous lifestyle. I just want to hang there with the characters and be artistically inspired.

Couple's Retreat
Four couples go to a resort for relationship building. Romantic Comedy.

This one is in the South Pacific at a resort with the huts out over the water. I enjoy this one for all the tropical setting and folks living in swimsuits all the time.  Really makes me want to vacation.

Wedding Crashers
Two bachelors crash weddings to get laid and party. Romantic Comedy.

I love this one because it takes place in my hometown area of DC/Chesapeake. I get sentimental seeing them on the Bay riding around and frolicking on the shores and beautiful estates. 

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
A man out of a breakup with a famous actress finds himself in Hawaii trying to forget her, but running into her. Romantic Comedy.

I love beaches and Hawaii is very inspiring for swimsuits, sand, blue water, and romance. 

Now and Then
Four friends who grew up in the 70s recall their laid back summers and relationships. Comedy/Drama.

Oh, the summers of my youth! This one contains it perfectly with water holes, seance shenanigans, spooky graveyard exploring, and a tree fort.

The Secret Garden (1993) 
An orphaned girl is sent to her uncle's home in the English countryside where she finds a secret garden she can nurture in the springtime. Drama. 

My favorite of all time! I relate to that little girl. The thaw of winter to the bloom of spring is portrayed so lush and vibrant with gorgeous musical score, all the feelings inside as everything blossoms into an oasis. 

Fool's Gold
A couple breaking up finds themselves in an adventure in the Caribbean in search of sunken treasure. Romantic Comedy.

I love yachts, warm waters, and awesome swimsuits with action movie excitement and this satisfies completely. 

Violets Are Blue
Sissy Spacek and Kevin Kline. Old lovers meet again in the summertime on the Chesapeake. Romantic/Drama. 

I am a Chesapeake girl and this just hits the spot in a BIG way with both beauty and sentiment and summers of my youth! 

Honorable Mentions - 

Weekend at Bernie's
Two guys (Jonathan Silverman and Andrew McCarthy) get invited to their boss's East Hampton house and it becomes a series of mishaps. Comedy. This one is fun if you love beach houses, boats, water, and laughter. - funny find - Jonathan Silverman's character is a young single guy but there is a wedding ring on his finger.

Are ya ready for the summer? This great flick from the 70s starring Bill Murray is a classic for teens, summer camps, and tunes. Comedy. I really enjoy that late 70s vibe and the carefree days of summer and music. 

A minister (Hugh Grant) is sent with his wife to Australia to tell a risque artist (Sam Neill) to calm down his portrayals of religious subjects. 

Romancing the Stone
A bumbling romance writer (Kathleen Turner) meets a daring renegade (Michael Douglas) in the Columbian jungles. Romantic Comedy. This one is exotic and tropical, suspenseful, and adorable.

Summer School
Mark Harmon and Kirstie Alley in a fun summertime flick of teachers dealing with kids during summer school in SoCal.  Comedy/Romance. I love the setting and the 80s vibe.

Endless Summer
This vintage surfer flick is a fave for many. Drama. I love the waves.

The Blue Crush
A girl surfer (Kate Bosworth) who has a lot to prove. Drama. This is a great surfer flick for young women and very inspiring as well as beautiful and tense.

The Other Woman
When a Connecticut housewife (Leslie Mann) finds her husband is cheating, she befriends the lover (Cameron Diaz) and then the other lover (Kate Upton). Romantic Comedy. With many scenes on the beach in the Hamptons, it has a wonderful summery vibe.

An awkward teenage girl (Sandra Dee) finds the hobby of surfing to be a great challenge, as well as a ticket to romance. Romantic Comedy. I just love summer fun in high school and a girl learning to surf - always my dream growing up which is why I became an awesome skateboarder.

Blue Lagoon
Two kids shipwrecked on an island (Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins) come of age together and romance ensues. Romantic/Drama. This is one of the best of the trapped on a tropical island themes.

Summer Rental
A man (John Candy) takes his family to a vacation rental for a getaway that goes wrong. Comedy/Adventure. This is just plain old fun, like Captain Ron with lots of bumbling.

Into the Blue
A couple (Jessica Alba and Paul Walker) gets involved in treasure hunting and it turns challenging and dangerous. Thriller/Action. Gorgeous swimsuit-clad actors diving in warm waters. Lots of danger and excitement. 

There's Something About Mary
A woman so full of life and adorable that men stalk her for decades. Florida setting. Very summery. Romantic Comedy. I love this one with the Florida vibe and Mary is freaking adorable. 

A Perfect Getaway
A couple vacation in a remote exotic beach area runs into another couple and befriends them until drama ensues. Suspense/Thriller. Steve Zahn. This one is gorgeous and super tense. Very good. Along the lines of Dead Calm sexy and dangerous.

Dead Calm
A couple (Sam Neill and Nicole Kidman) wants to getaway and takes their yacht to the middle of nowhere and run into a survivor of a shipwreck. Thriller/Suspense. Gorgeous location at sea and sexy tension. 

Just Go With It

When an insecure plastic surgeon (Adam Sandler) wants to impress a young woman, he invites his make-believe ex-wife (Jennifer Aniston) and kids to Hawaii.  Romantic Comedy. This is Hawaii on crack. They did a great job of utilizing this gorgeous and sexy setting. 

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