What Have I Been Up To Lately?

I haven't done an update in some time but 2021 has been hellacious in some ways and blessings in others. If we look close enough at the bad stuff, there is always something that blossoms from it. Consider those bad times as "fertilizer." 

Working on renovating a house for flip. It is a 1979 house all original so rather gold and brown, very depressing. I'm turning it into a Nordic delight.

Here's what I did with leftover vertical blind slats -

The ugly railing in the backyard that looks off at the greenbelt also offered everyone walking dogs a wonderful view of the private yard, so up went the slats!

Taking some leftover baseboards to make a frame, I wove the slats and stapled them on, painting it when I was done to match the wall, making a focus wall in the guest bedroom. I plan to replace the brass bed with a wicker one or perhaps I'll just make a headboard ---

I'm learning to use tools, make decisions, gain mad skills, and strengthen my body and my determination. Given that I'm a real spendthrift and a person who hates to trash our landfills, I am finding inventive ways of repurposing everything. Julie and I are even heading out in January to a site we know of where we can gather more supplies to create things. I am sharing the renovation process on videos and the blog - GroovyNewLife.com

I am also writing scripts for a 1-hour episodic scifi thriller for streaming. I am working with the greatest team imaginable and it's an amazing opportunity to make a show that I have wanted to see forever and I absolutely know y'all will want to anxiously view. I promise that, when we can reveal more, I will take y'all on the crazy train ride to the most amazing series you've ever seen!

2022 should bring more road treks and January alone will be a HUGE reveal of tons and tons of amazing research that no one has ever seen or heard. This is going to be a sit around the campfire and drink some fine bourbon kinda of reveal. Expect Ghost Hunting Theories to be showcasing a helluva lot of research, some that will blow the socks off of the research world. We are proving feral giants among us, in the past and present!

So far as the bilateral Bell's palsy is going: Left side of face is completely healed at the 6-month mark. It was really moving well by 2-1/2 months, but it takes a long time to regain the fine muscles that atrophied. It has been working so hard to help the weaker side, that I wake up at night smiling because the muscles draw tight. The right side has a full smile now but the muscles are still very weak and I can tell especially because the nasolabial fold isn't fully formed again yet. The eyebrow still not not move at all since August 30. As concerning as that is, each face recovers at its own pace and in its own order.

Now, a lot of the day is focused on hot cloths and massages, meditation, and trying to let the muscles relax. Because of this overcompensation, my speech is slightly worse. Once the right side catches up, I should get the lip movements working much better. I believe in full recovery which almost everyone has. Some folks are left with some residual annoyances, but honestly I come from a place of being thankful. This happening was a blessing because it caused me to find out I had hypertension and diabetes. I made major changes in reducing stress and weight and lost 40 pounds sicne August 30. My labs, EKG, and head CT show a woman of about 25.

I am chronicling healthy living and the 2 things I did to drop so much weight and keep it off, as I believe in changing lifestyle. You can find it on GroovyNewLife.

Every day, I end the day with prayers of gratitude for the day and the people in it, the opportunities, lessons, and what I have that keeps me going. I don't beg or ask for anything. I give thanks in advance for what I know will unfold ahead for me. I give thanks for the opportunity to play on this earthly mortal stage for as long as my show runs.

Mostly, I am extremely thankful for my readers who are some of the most intelligent, inquisitive, fun, and loving people that make up an amazing tribe of positive energy and fearlessness.

Blessings to all!