Wednesday, December 22, 2021

PARAflixx: Channel for Paranormal Geeks and Horror Lovers!

(I'm excited about this channel!) 

A Very Scary Merry PARAFlixXmas

New Streaming Service Offers The Holidays A Scary Twist With PARAFlixXmas Throughout The Month Of December.

December is the month to celebrate the holidays and the new streaming service dedicated to the paranormal, PARAFlixx paranormal+, loves Christmas and the holiday season so much, they came together to provide fans and producers a very merry yet somewhat scary #PARAFlixXmas—the annual network theme every year during the month of December. “We love celebrating Halloween, as it is our time of the year to celebrate all things spooky and the unexplained, but we also love the holidays, so we decided to keep the party going through #HALLOFlixx in October, and now we have #PARAFlixXmas for the holidays to take us through the New Year. These are recurring annual network themes here at PARAFlixx, Inc.,” says CEO Natalie Jones.

“PARAFlixx is a subscription on-demand website, as well as an app on Roku TV, Chromecast, Google Play, Apple Store, Amazon Fire and Apple TV,” said PARAFlixx President & CEO Natalie Jones. “We came together to fuse the Paranormal universe with Hollywood for change in direction—we are going to help the world through knowledge in our content and film. We have big plans for the future and something big is just around the corner.”

This PARAFlixXmas you can gift a subscription to family and friends. The universal platform is unique because nearly 90 percent of the content is exclusive, not found on any other streaming service, with new content added weekly. Subscribers can join by either paying $29.99 annually or $3.99 per month, which includes a three-day free trial to explore at leisure. Subscribe at and download the APP for seamless streaming on-the-go, on television, and from your favorite devices.

PARAFlixx paranormal+ is also excited to announce the production of a new PARAFlixx Original feature film: a vampire movie with a unique Catholic angle Transubstantiation. Set to debut in 2022, the film by writer-director Cody Knotts follows a vampire (newcomer Ryan Joseph) who discovers that his only chance for a cure is to drink the blood of Christ. He abducts a priest named Father Mark (Scott Cooper of “The Maze Runner” and “Homeland”) and a family to force God to perform a miracle.

“It’s groundbreaking and it touches on something that does not currently exist in the film industry right now,” says Jones. “It’s already starting to make waves across the world.”

Enjoy the PARAFlixXmas collection this holiday season with a paranormal twist:

1. The Ghost Finders, a PARAFlixx xlusive series+ which follows Spirit Medium Rob Thompson, Eclectic Witch Megan Deputy, & Paranormal Investigators Daniel Klaes, Melody Knapp and Steve Dills. This season you will find some special classic episodes to celebrate the Holidays!

2. My Paranormal Experience: The Gateway Between World Documentary Film. A simple phrase can turn into a great story. A lone gate sits, directing spiritual traffic between two completely separate worlds.

3. Dead Side Manor: Prescription For Fear, A Second Sight Paranormal TV production, following the haunting of an unsuspecting home with a shocking history.

4. Christopher Shayne Music, Southern Rock hits, Carry On Music, Christopher Shayne Lead Vocals, Dave Lansing Lead Guitar/Vocals, Zachary Hughes Guitar/Keys/Vocals, Mark Blades Bass Guitar, Trevor Hammer Drums.

5. The Twisted Realm Series, different episodes to choose from in season one to celebrate PARAFlixXmas, featuring Lyle Lotts, Tonna Lotts, Brandon Johnson and Melissa Sykes.

6. Haunted Down Under “Laidley Pioneer Village,” following investigators Nadine Gray, Celine Mackie, Caitlin Stewart, and Hailey Lilley.

7. Paranormal Puzzle: Path To Communication. Chapter 1 - A look at a story of two brothers and a paranormal research team leading up to a path, a promise for incredible paranormal research, featuring Uini Research.

Add it all up, and it’s clear that PARAFlixx paranormal+ is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the universe. And now is the perfect time to sign up or gift a subscription for PARAFlixXmas.

Happy Holidays and a very scary merry PARAFlixXmas! #ThisIsYourPARAFlixx #DareToStreamAlone #AVeryScaryMerryPARAFlixXmas 

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