Using Protective Stones

As a psychometrist, I can tell you that objects hold memories and feelings, but stones hold energy. Utilizing the energy for our own protection and goals is a long-held practice rooted in something very real - energy!

In dealing with spirit energy and wanting to protect oneself, whether at home or on investigations, here are some of the stones I suggest you consider carrying or wearing.

It is considered a whole body healer. Natives believe it to be a bridge between heaven and earth. It is said to move at the highest vibration of love and healing.

This stone is well used for situations where you are grieving or you need to let go of resentment and let in love. 

This absorbs negative energy and calms down stress. It is very protective and grounding. Can transform negative energy into positive. 

I used to carry this one when I was going on job interviews or confronting someone that I was worried about dealing with. 

Protects against negative energy, strengthening the aura, keeping you from having any energy leaks. It also provides confidence.

This is a great stone for when you have to be brave or when you might be around negative people. It's a fantastic work place stone

This is a healing stone for physical and emotional. It is helpful for insomnia and nightmares.

I would suggest this one be placed in your pillowcase when you sleep. 

Rose quartz
This one is great for a happy heart, to attract love, to heal the heart, to clear out anger and jealousy. 

This is a stone you should have on you when dealing with family, especially if there are old hurts. Life is too short to come from anywhere else but love.

Black Tourmaline
This one blocks negative energy and psychic attack. 

It should be #1 for any ghost investigator. It also helps remove negative energies. 

This one clears negative energies from your aura. Creates harmony from chaos. Concentration and balance. 

This would be a good one to have at work to keep the energy around you from affecting you while helping your concentrate.

Here's a shop to check out for them (LINK)

Below is a 1970s Brit movie involving stone and hauntings that was so ahead of its time.