Tiny Home in Family Backyard

With many millenials able to live wherever they want, they are considering more and more moving away from the "convenience" of the city to the beauty of the rolling hills and streams of the countryside. 

This movement is allowing the possibility of parents to move into a small converted shed, garage, or build a home on the property where multigenerations can once again be togther, unlike in the tract housing of the ugly suburbs. And those millenials wanting to move back to where mom and dad are in the "middle of nowhere" can consider a small house option.

As well, if you have a property for fishing and camping or hunting, a small building on it can make the difference. With AirBNB industry being a huge side hustle for $, a few of these on a property with a stream would be a serious money maker!

Options can include something as impressive as this huge home - 

2900 sqft


We've seen the popularity of shipping container homes, converted RVs and buses "skoolies," as well as yurts. This option could make it possible to not only be independent but come and go on the  road if you want and not worry about home security with your family or friends who live on the land to be able to watch out.

about 10' diameter

Even if it doesn't run, a converted bus can make an excellent place to stay in the summer, an AirBNB, or your tiny easy to manage home you can easily leave and not worry about.

Take it a step further by solar powering it or use it as backup 


In the home, use a really good water filtration system - it's worth it.

Berkey (most popular by homesteaders)





Whether you make it an in-law home, a college kid's digs, an AirBNB, or a romantic getaway, the backyard home is a brilliant idea for a new age of property ownership and countryside living.

Simplifying, downsizing, making extra money, or feeling secure - the tiny home on a family property is a great idea!