Secrets in Our Caves

In ancient times, caves were the ultimate refuge from the elements. It was a temperature-controlled location where man could park himself and his belongings safely to ride out the weather or live year-round.  Important religious scrolls have been found in caves, hidden treasures, mummies, and amazing art work.  Caves are ideal storehouses for keeping things dry and temperature controlled, but it isn't just something we do today to preserve; ancients thought to keep things safe for all time, as well.

In the past, civilizations buried their dead in caves, drew art work, and even used them as enormous underground safe harbors to live and store things of great importance.  They were valued finds and territorial barracks, shrines, and resting places. No doubt, when they could cache food in a great environment like that, or weather out a winter, they were living the high life.

Today, we take after the ancients and do something similar, sometimes for practical reasons and other times for possibly a recreation of the caves found in Death Valley - to archive an entire culture.

Today, there is a huge food and seed storehouse (Svalbard Global Seed Vault) up in the arctic region of Norway in an underground cavern is a cool dry place where seeds from around the world are being stored for the future should anything happen above ground and archived foods from the past be necessary.

In Western Pennsylvania there are underground vaults for preservation of film.

Atchison Storage Facility is a 2.7 million square foot storage facility in a limestone cavern. It was once used by the military in WWII and now is used for the public to store things of importance in a controlled and safe environment.

In the supposed Grand Canyon find of an ancient civilization living in caves within the walls of the canyon, the discoverer in the early 1900s reported storage of works of art and even seeds; "Another passageway leads to granaries such as are found in the oriental temples. They contain seeds of various kinds. One very large storehouse has not yet been entered, as it is twelve feet high and can be reached only from above. Two copper hooks extend on the edge, which indicates that some sort of ladder was attached. These grannies are rounded, as the materials of which they are constructed, I think is a very hard cement. A Gray metal is also found in this cavern, which puzzles the scientists, for its identity has not been established. It resembles platinum."

In Death Valley, California there were reported many miles of underground caves that held ancient giant warrior mummies, artifacts, precious metals and jewels, and even samples of dinosaurs and saber tooth tigers and even a system of gathering underground gases to make lighting in the huge cavern city.

Conspiracy theories abound that there are underground tunnels being used by the illuminati who plan to take over the world. These strongholds are in places such as New Mexico, Colorado, the Ozarks, and within extensive cave systems.  For survival purposes, preservation, and protection, burrowing in the earth makes absolute sense. In fact, we know the government has huge caverns ready to run the country should it be necessary to do so underground.

Some smart and inventive people have made homes in caves. I personally would love it! I'm not a big fan of sunlight and I like cool temperatures. It has me wondering that, if geology is at play in haunted locations, what your home might be like after it is fueled with emotions of the family residing inside and locked into the stones around it, like the movie "The Stone Tape."

There were reports of cave explorers coming across a lost race of lizard-like men who used technology and scurried back and forth down passageways deep in the earth in Missouri.

In the 1980s, a man named Burrow's came out of a cave supposedly with an enormous haul of ancient artifacts and then promptly dynamited the entrance. The artifacts have since been debated as hoaxes.

In 1925 in Marion County, Illinois, a man named Lowery found a cave. The artifacts that emerged from these Illinois Caves were baffling. Here's a photo of just some of the finds.

It makes one wonder how many other amazing archaeological finds, treasures and mysteries are still hidden in sealed up caves.

Then, there's cave-inspired movies about hidden cave secrets - sometimes ancient secrets, sometimes terrifying monsters!

There is something very ant-like about burrowing inside of caves and blocking out the harsh world outside. Even with the ever-present risk of cave-ins, it had to be a safer place to harbor oneself than out in the wild.

Today, we still keep finding new caves, new bacteria and creatures within. It makes one wonder how many things are still hidden in caves, like this giant 18" handprint found by two researchers I admire, MK Davis and Don Monroe (yet another cave secret that was obliterated by powers that be who do not want us to know about the "others" from our past).