Honor the Woobie: Take a Blanket Day!

G'bye my dear Halloween season. Hello, chilling toward Thanksgiving. 

Why not take the day off - make it a blanket day? 

Here's my woobie (above). I love this so much! Oh my gosh! One side is soft and dreamy, keeping you warm all over, and the outside inspires petting. 

Whether you call it a Blankie, Woobie, or other name, a blanket is a chilly weather companion that protects from movie monsters, hugs you while you sleep, and keeps you comforted during sickness. 

When my son was a toddler, he loved his woobie. Only one woobie. He rebuked any substitutes. It had to be washed constantly as he teethed on it, dragged it around, and probably even covered the dogs with it to comfort them. So, I simply put it into the wash as was the ritual, but each time, cut the woobie a bit smaller until eventually it was the size of a cocktail napkin and he didn't want it anymore. 

But, it doesn't mean the phantom woobie symptoms aren't still there. We love our blankets. 

How about taking a day off to spend with your blanket when you're perfectly healthy?

Okay, if you want to get up and around but have the blanket vibe, try a fleece robe with arm and foot pockets. Now, you can get a snack without forsaking the blankie hug.

Start with hot tea - it's the best way to dive into the experience. Here's my tea pot set - 

Keep a tin of ginger snap cookies nearby -

Hunker down and watch some autumn-feeling movies ....

"You've Got Mail"
"Meet the Parents"
"The Covenant"
"The Village" 
"Practical Magic"
"St. Elmo's Fire"
"Mystic Pizza"
"Planes, Trains and Automobiles"
"Autumn in New York"
"Home for the Holidays"
"Charlie Brown Christmas"
And, pretty much any Hallmark Christmas movie - 

Now, consider doing something you haven't probably done in a while - put together a jigsaw puzzle or enjoy some word find books, crosswords, or coloring books....

Consider turning blankie into a blanket fort - 

Now, go take a nap with your woobie -