Can Water be Affected by Emotions?


Masaru Emoto was an author (The Hidden Messages in Water) who took on an arena most refer to as pseudoscience pondering if our human consciousness can affect properties of water. His experiments shed light on possibilities that boggle the mind.

Utilizing Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology and high speed photographs, he exposed the water to various emotions before photographing the crystals they formed.

The water experiment involved prayer over the water and then photography. With positive prayer, the crystals formed symmetric, flawless, and glorious patterns. 

Emoto moved on to using music to see the response and was pleasantly surprised. It seemed that beautiful crystals formed with classical music and distorted ugly ones occurred with heavy metal music. 

Considering the human body is made up of 60% water molecules, it makes you wonder about how negative emotions can affect our own bodies and create discordant molecules versus ones that are ideal alignment. 

I had wondered if perhaps the vibrations of sound waves affected the water, but even a written word, foreign languages, prayer, and other situations seemed to affect the water too. (video above)

The concept of manifesting may be tapping into a way we can guide ourselves toward positive images and outcomes. Your health, your destiny, might be entwined by your very thoughts and exposures in your life that affect the molecules in your own body.

Is it possible to affect water crystals with focus of prayer, emotion or music?

When you consider that water is the stuff of life, then life should be the stuff of water.