Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Can a Church be Haunted?

It was an old historic church in the middle of nowhere Arizona. 

There was a cemetery across the street for the settlers that braved the high desert location.

This one-room church had amazing acoustics. When our team, Arizona Paranormal Research, did our study, I took advantage of that by singing hymns and humming. 

It occurred to me as I listened to the resonance of my tones, that Tesla was spot on about energy, frequency, and vibration....

As woo-woo as it sounds, energy has vibration to it, it has a frequency, a resonance. When a psychic discusses energy it does not just mean the soul, but the very force that brings this entire universe into view. It is in everything, it is of everything, it affects everything. 

Why would a church be haunted?

Why wouldn't it?

Strong emotions of any kind send off an elecrtomagnetic pulse. That appears to affect the very space it occupies.
We know that asylums, battlefields, prisons, and TB sanitoriums are all haunted and marked with negative emotions.

A more powerful emotion is the one that creates miracles - the spiritual manifestation of love.

When you put a group of people together to grieve at a funeral, to cry at a christening, to focus on God for an hour on a Sunday, you change that environment. 

And, everywhere you ever had a strong emotion (good or bad) you left a sort of soul tag in your frequency.

A spirit is not one thing like a physical body is one thing. A soul can be everywhere, anytime. Upon death, family members report seeing the same loved one at the same time in vastly different places.

A part of you remains in frequency.

And sensitive psychics feel your energy pattern left behind from strong emotion and electrical impulse.

When we stop thinking in the physical world and its location/time limitations, we begin to better understand the spiritual world....

If you've stood in awe of the Lincoln Memorial or stood at Ground Zero of the Twin Towers void, you know how collectively a group of people can leave even more energy contemplating in that spot. You feel either dismal or elevated. All that energy accummulates. 

One day, walking out of the store, I stopped in the parking lot and looked to the northeast. I wasn't sure why. I just got a flash of a huge body of people united, creating the same positive energy. 

I got in the car, took off for home, and on the radio they announced that to the northeast in the state, there were thousands uniting for a prayer session of positivity. 

When people come together for good or bad, it leaves an impression that remains local in perpetuity.

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