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Unexpected Encounter on Extraterrestrial Highway Resulting in Physical Damage and Amazing Conclusions!

Researcher Dennis Guern took off on his way to an expedition and decided to take the infamous Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada. It seemed like a fun place to say you've driven through and take pictures of the funny UFO/alien-related stuff.

But, it didn't go like either of us imagined - at all!

Dennis called me Friday June 11, 2021 at around 3:00 pm PST from the extraterrestrial highway.

Earlier on the roadway, he had shared a live video for Facebook, knowing folks are curious about the ET-themed roadway. In the gift shop, as he tried to record some video onto the cell phone, the video aspect wasn't working and the camera was zoomed in, unable to zoom out.

He got on the road and called me to chat as he was heading toward Little A'Le'Inn, the infamous cafe on the Area 51 region's desert. He commented that the check engine light went off, but the jeep was a new one. He pulled over, turned off the engine and turned it back on and it was fine. We ended the call.

A little further west down the road, past the Little A'Le'Inn, we were talking on the phone and his voice changed significantly. The sound of awe and disbelief was quite clear. He was staring at 3 UFOs ahead of him on the road, over a grouping of mountainous terrain called Warm Springs Summit (70 miles northwest of Groom Lake at the center of area 51 - a huge swath in the desert controlled by DOE).

The three metallic objects were hovering ahead in formation. He spoke to me describing that they were about 45 degree angle from the horizon. As he was telling me about them, they vanished. They simply weren't there anymore. They didn't fly off. They simple were no longer in the visible spectrum. At the speed he was driving, he was only perhaps 17 seconds from that hilly location.

He decided to pull over in the Warm Springs Summit mountainous area where they were located.

But when he called, we both heard metallic squeaks and a scary creepy voice, like some kind of radio bleed through. Neither of us could hear each other.

Angry at the interruptions in our calls, I said, "Area 51, stop f'ing with our calls!"

The phone went dead.

My first thought was a pilot in the area and scrambled signals were coming through, but the voice - it was distinctly odd sound.

Dennis got out of the jeep to take photos. And we got a hold of each other again. He reported pressure behind his eyes.

As he was taking the photos, they came out all scrambled. He sent me the pics on the phone. Then, he muttered something about his apps on his phone opening and closing.

The phone went dead again.


When the phone went dead, Dennis began to wobble on his feet, he pitched forward, unconscious in the dirt. Later, he would report a feeling of not being alone, not scared, simply surrendering.

Back in Phoenix, I had no idea what was going on with him in the Nevada desert. I dialed and heard a ring on his phone followed by a creepy little Asian-sounding woman saying a couple words in a strange language. Then, the phone rang again and again and went to voicemail. How this voice bled over into his phone ringing, I had no idea.

Thinking he was still being scrambled for signals, I dialed again. Once again, the phone rang and then the strange lady's voice and more rings before it went to voicemail. I had it on speaker so my roommate could hear the odd voice. We both shook our heads. How was that possible?

I tried the landline to reach him, but no answer.

Sitting at the counter, studying the clock, I tried the phone every few minutes.

Eventually, I got through, but it took 20 minutes!

Dennis's first words were, "honey, how much time has passed?"

When he reported he was entering Tonopah, I stopped and figured the mileage. He would have to have been going 137 mph in the 4-cylinder jeep to make it in that amount of time!

Dennis seemed confused about how much time had gone by. He was barrelling down the roadway toward Tonopah, realizing that his physical condition was deteriorating.

He reported pressure in his head and especially behind his eyes as he drove down the highway. His glands under his jaw swelled up and were tender. His body hurt, especially the joints that had previous surgery. His emotions were all over the place as he was suddenly dropped into a sensation worse than any flu.

I am reminded of the early episode of "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch," as Eric demonstrated how his phone took oddly interrupted pictures when a powerful magnet was nearby.

The phone's scrambled photos and turning things on and off reminded me of Skinwalker Ranch, as well. And Dennis was describing some symptoms that made me think of Thomas and Travis at the ranch.

As he pulled into Tonopah to secure a room at a motel, his mind was buzzing, his entire body felt electric tingles, the skin on his arms and forehead (exposed areas) were itching madly.

He reported that he had passed out after taking the photos and woke up driving into Tonopah. His clothing was covered in dust from the roadside.

These bruises over the next 24 hours would turn black and he could even see his reflection in them. 

By the time he was in his room, the head pain and pressure was immense, he was vomiting, and nearly incoherent.

He wandered from his hotel room, forgot his room key, seemed to go in and out of alertness. His vulnerability scared me and I insisted if he wanted to get something out of his car, to put his room key in his wallet, leave a coin at the door so he would know which room was his. I had never imagined one of the most focused people I've ever known to be reduced to confusion. 

Somehow, he managed to settle down in the bed and fall asleep in spite of pain and nausea. I encouraged the drinking of lots of water as one thing I know about microwave frequency - it is able to cook items in an oven when they have water and fat molecules and the human body has both.

When he woke up the next day, on Saturday the 12th, he was still having some mentation problems, sluggish, talking almost childlike, complaining about swollen ankles and body pain, but the itching was gone. 

Encouraging him to drink some water and get some food in him, he found his stomach was still very uneasy. 

I told the expedition team what was going on. They were about 3 hours away. They headed to Tonopah to join him. 

In the mean time, he took a nap to see if he might improve more. 

The team arrived and he was speaking slowly, but definitely comprehending more. His stomach was still uneasy and his body hurt.

Left to right
Don Monroe, MK Davis, Dennis Guern

Don Monroe and MK Davis are the most amazing researchers and they rushed to have Dennis's back. These three amigos are a dream team.

By Saturday evening he was talking like himself again and his mind was clear. 

By Sunday, one ankle was swollen and his neck and back were killing him, his shoulder and knee that had past surgeries also were hurting. The glands in his neck were still somewhat tender. And overall, he felt weak. 

We discussed him staying another night at the motel to be sure he was okay to drive back to the Phoenix area. 

Documenting Physical Evidence

One thing we did that was very smart was keeping communications going. I had always wanted to travel that highway just to see the goofy gift shops and cafe, so we continued to talk as he drove so he could share it. 

Should you be in a situation like this of being alone witnessing something, photos and video are always appreciated, but if you're driving, pull over, put on your hazards and continue to watch. Never try to watch while driving. 

Call someone, share the experience so they can take notes. Much of your excitement seeing it in person could make it hard to recall later on. Keep track of time. Look at your clock, make note of when you saw the UFOs. How far up an angle in the sky they were. How they moved. What their shape was. What path they were traveling.

As in our case, Dennis sent me the scrambled pictures, our phone communications were experienced by us both. When he was feeling sicker and sicker, I was able to advise and protect him from making bad decisions or getting lost and forgetting where he was going. If there is any physical evidence on the body, be certain to photograph and make notes. 

The town had a clinic opened from 8-4 and with him being really not full cognition and vulnerable, forgetful, and even amnesic at times, it being past 4 pm, I didn't think him trying to get to the clinic was viable. 

By the time the team arrived and his mind was clearer, he admitted that he didn't know what he'd tell a clinic.

"Ah, ya see, doctor, I was driving down the Extraterrestrial Highway and saw these UFOs when...." 

It's sad that we live in a world where we can't accept the exceptional experience.

In such a situation, I would suggest, explaining the drive down the highway and seeing something in the sky, pulling over to take pictures, and suddenly getting sick. Let the staff at the clinic, who are used to the ET Highway figure out the rest.

Mostly, I was curious if he had been exposed to anything of a irradiating nature because iodine treatments would be necessary and if he showed exposure, that could go into his records. In ideal situations, I would suggest this to people, but in this very small town with no real advanced medical care, it is impossible.

He does have a good relationship with his family doctor and discussed it with her, and she promptly ordered blood tests to start.


Ultimately, looking at the set of events, a more logical and less otherworldly explanation is that Area 51 is, in fact, testing reverse engineered technology from the craft they supposedly house there, as Bob Lazar has often stated.

(tic tac video frame)

The energy utilized likely involves strong electromagnetic pulse energy (recall the tic tac UFO had a halo effect around it) and even perhaps microwave range frequency is produced.

Such energy would likely be present as the vehicle comes and goes and Dennis's timing heading right at them as they disappeared and being under that area in seconds was likely a very dangerous situation.

When he did get back to town, he was still very weak and his body ached to the bone, his lymph glands in the neck still swollen. He saw his doctor who ordered lab tests that showed elevated white blood cell count and elevated red blood cell count. He got a course of antibiotics for the lymph situation and white count, and rested. Another follow-up lab test was elevated and another stronger course of antibiotics were given. The final blood test showed his numbers normal, but he was still battling some fatigue and aches.

His physician's assistant did listen to his explanation of what happened and the acute onset of his symptoms and believed he was exposed to something on that highway.

This video below discusses electromagnetism as a possible form of propulsion for UFOs.

RADIO SHOW: We will be keeping everyone up-to-date on this situation. We had been scheduled to be on Vegas Supernatural on KCOR radio (archived show link) June 21st to discuss ancient giants and the expeditions, but with this new incident, we decided to share it in case anyone out there had similar encounters.

As an additional note, the area he saw the UFOs is called Pahute Mesa. Pahute Mesa or Paiute Mesa is one of four major nuclear test regions within the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS). When looking it up, the underground river, Amargosa, that runs through Death Valley (obviously in a cavern), runs right up to Pahute Mesa and into the place where Dennis saw the UFOs.  

Here's more on the legend of the Paiutes - 

Tale:  In brief, the Paiutes speak of the Hav-Musuvs. They said they were a people who were there before their own people. An advanced culture with big ships that arrived by ship (in a time when Death Valley was filled with late Pleistocene lakes and the Baja of California was likely a straight shot up to the lakes and the ancient giants were living on the channel islands off of California's coast and later on more of them dug up along that delta). 

The Hav-Musuvs lived underground in the Panamint Mountains in Death Valley. They traded with other cultures by boat. When the lakes dried out, they built silver machines to fly in the air. They were said to have animals that were giant white ones from the megafauna era and had weapons they could point and stun you or kill you. 

Today, lots of UFOs are seen in this region still. Interestingly, this is also the location where in the early 1900s some men supposedly found vast caverns and lots of gold and remains of these people. 

If a cavern system remains beneath the Panamints, it likely follows the underground Amargosa River and that treks up to the Warm Springs Peak area where Dennis saw the UFOs. It may seem extraordinary, but there are no coincidences. 

The very same thing is occurring at Skinwalker Ranch area with UFOs and underground waterways and caverns, signals being interrupted, people feeling sick....

My hypothesis is that the Pleistocene lakes of the ancient times, like Lake Lahontan, Bonneville Lake, Panamint Lake, Lake Manley, etc., did not dry up because the climate got warmer. They emptied way too fast. They likely experienced quakes that drained the water below into caverns. This has happened at other lakes in seismic areas. Without the surface water, the land grew dry and hot. But, a people who already did mining and lived underground and was sought out by a population of Natives who wanted them gone, would follow those caverns. These are caverns that likely reach from as far as the California coastline into Nevada and Utah. Interestingly, lands with mega-legends of giants and caverns. Even the Hopi of Arizona have legends of the ant people - stemming from the plateaus around the Grand Canyon where there was another supposed giant find of a people who hid from a catastrophe. 

"A weapon that can stun you...."

NOTE:  Today, Dennis appears to have no residual issues related to this incident, but he keeps his health monitored just in case he needs documentation. 

If you want to share in private, please email me (Sharon Day) at ghosthuntingtheories@gmail.com

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  1. I'm so happy Dennis has fully recovered. I wonder how many people were sickened by this activity and if any have died as a result . That would be interesting to find out if it's been documented in any way where it's possible to access.