Scarecrows! Scarecrows! Scarecrows!


Josiah Scarecrow 
fashioned after the hero in my novella, "Josiah: Undead Cowboy"

Originally mannequins were made for fields to keep crows and other birds from eating newly cast seeds. They are extremely ineffective, but still beloved creepy reminders of growing season and coming autumn.

Today, new techniques are used from shiny ribbons tied to plants to air guns to randomly shoot off and scare the birds. Somehow, those just aren't as sexy. 

The fine art of scarecrow making has been lost on many, but there is one craftsman who totally gets the motivation, the atmosphere, the mood, and the visceral response a scarecrow should possess - Pumpkinrot.

Link to more Pumpkinrot Scarecrows (I get my Halloween cards from his shop and he makes amazing Halloween items that have a truly Halloween feel)

Vintage scarecrows are crude beings, and yet that seems to make them even more sinister! There are slick applications of latex and other mediums to make scary scarecrows, but honestly nothing says it more than primitive and makeshift!

Here's a story of my own creepy scarecrow experience - 

How about a scarecrow costume? 

Scarecrow costume Spirit Halloween 49.99

How about an amazing scarecrow you can buy?

Scarecrow movies - 
Night of the Scarecrow (my favorite!)
Hallowed Ground 
Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers II
The Maze
Rites of Spring
The Fields 
Messengers 2: The Scarecrow
The Messengers 
Children of the Corn (series)

I have an enormous horror short story anthology book, Don't Go There! A Flash Horror Anthology, with a delicious scarecrow horror story in it. Each story is timed so you know how long it takes to read if you're out and about reading in your hand-held device. There is also a special section at the end of my accounts of being alone in places no one likes to be alone in. 

Corn mazes - 

It's that time of year to look for corn mazes in your area. They aren't hard to find online and in local events calendars. Expect Julie and I to hit the corn maze this year with a buddy of ours visiting from out of town - lots of great creepy photo ops either using nightvision cameras or hitting the maze at sunset - 


Pumpkinrot's yearly scarecrows (the most amazing in the world!)