Saturday, October 9, 2021

If I could Design Haunted Attractions - I Want These!


Here's a couple haunted attractions that I believe work on what your mind fills in, what it worries about, what it imagines. Those are the best scares. There are universal scares like people jumping out at you, but it's the sinister unknown that makes your creep factor peg over to a "10" on the rating scale.

Instead of loud noises, chainsaws, and in your face "terror," let's get back to basics - 


I've always wanted to do a haunted attraction that would have a long wide hallway decorated like those typical haunted mansion ones with mirrors and ornate tables and a long turkish rug beneath your feet, a window at the far end.... 

Then, you are plunged into darkness as you enter.

Lightning from the window is the only light. The crash of thunder! The pulse of lightning! 

But, there's a very tall human shape silhouetted in the lightning flash. Lightning flashes again and he holds up an axe.  A face shows in a mirror during the light. Each flash of lightning the weaponed figure is in a new position. Silently he has crept up and one flash of lightning, he's right beside you staring you down. 

You try to rush down the hall to get away, feeling your way in utter darkness. A flash of lightning illuminates a shape on the ceiling above you. Shapes and creatures are in various new positions, multiplying as you try to get to the window at the end of the corridor.

The only way out is to make progress forward when there is lightning, but you are also going toward the figures...

The Victorian Era Seance

Participants are brought into a room with a large round table and a spooky-looking medium in Victorian Era costume. There are candelabras and a cone standing up on the table. Everyone is asked to sit down, thumbs and pinkies meeting in the circle. 

The seance begins as the lights go out and there is just the flickering candle. Mirrors are on the walls. Every now and then a silhouette or a faint face appear in them, showing themselves to whichever persons are facing that mirror. A chill breeze moves along your neck. The medium's voice rises. She exclaims someone at the table is being followed around by a demon. She asks the spirit guide which person. Someone feels a tap on their shoulder. Another person feels a tug at their shirt tail....

Throughout the seance, no one knows what holographic spirit might show up and give warnings, if ectoplasm will erupt, if the table will levitate....


In these sorts of haunted attractions, sound effects, creepy music, and the set design are key for the terror factor. Instead of bloody grotesque faces and loud noises, the creeping terror of not knowing what this "thing" is, creates excitement. 

On a side note, another great idea is to recreate some classics like the boat from Creature From the Black Lagoon and the monster getting on board or the plankway with The Thing From Another World and the sparks of electricity killing it. To be an on-set witness of a horror movie reenacted.

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