How to Make Any Haunted Doll

This is a delightful and expert guest post from a fantastic psychic, Vienna Voodoo Queen.  We are entering Halloween time and I know there are readers out there who are intrigued by haunted dolls and magic. Having an expert discuss it is helpful to those who are wanting to know more about this arena. 

Did you always want to have your own scary haunted doll, but think dolls that are already haunted are way too expensive? Or do you have a ghost at home that annoys you and want to bann it in a doll, in order to get rid of it and sell it on etsy? In this manual I‘ll tell you step by step how you make a doll haunted.

1.) The Doll

Obviously you will need a doll. Any doll or stuffed animal will do. You can take a doll from your own childhood that you already got at home, or buy a new one. The doll needs a body part that can be stuffed with the items from step 2, so make sure it got fabric parts or hollow spaces. They have to be sealed when you’re done, wheather by sewing them shut or with wax. If you want the dool to look creepy or give it a used look, do the modifications beforehand.

2.) Sympathy Magic

Stuff the doll with several items that represent the ghost. If you know a haunted house and want to imprison a ghost from there, go there and take small objects that are meaningful to the ghost. If you got a ghost at home, take some objects that ghosts interacts with. The ghost is always lurking in the same corner? Take something you‘ve stored there. The ghost constantly ruins your light bulbs? Take a little light bulb. Be careful: It‘s not nice to bann someone into a doll. You didn‘t want that somebody does that to you when you‘re dead. So don‘t just go out there and dig dirt from the grave of a stranger. Be mindful and pick the ghost of someone who deserves no better. Indeed troublemaker make up the best haunted dolls.

Additionally, you can think about what objects remind you of the ghost and add them as well. This could be anything: a flower picked at a special place, a specific stone, a page from a book, a poem written on a piece of paper, a newspaper article, a drawing. What do you think this particular ghost is like and what corresponds with it? Sympathy magic is about linking one object to something compeltely different that got a characteristic in common. Just think of honeyjars that are used to sweeten a person. You want somebody to be sweet - honey is sweet. This is the principle of sympathy magic. This comes to play here as well. When it comes to making haunted dolls, just please don‘t stuff them with food or other perishable things ;)

3.) Petition Paper and Sigils

What you need next is 4 pieces of brown paper.

Write on the first paper the name of the ghost, if you know it. It not, describe it. Like: „The annoying ghost that is living in my basement since 2017, who is constantly disturbing the washing machine and in times scares me to death“

The second paper is the petition paper. „I bann the ghost xyz into this doll. The body of this doll is now it‘s prison and it‘s not able to leave it.“ Feel free to put it in your own words. It‘s about the intention.

On the third piece of paper you draw the sigil shown in the picture. This sigil is called malloy and it‘s the one thing that does the biggest part of the job.

On the last piece of paper you draw the signs of the 4 elements and write something like: „With the power of the element of air, I seal this doll and keep xyz inside of it, so it may never escape this plastic body“ once for every element. You can put it in your own words, but you see what we‘re trying to do here.

4.) Summon the Ghost

You got all you need now. You got a doll. You stuffed it with a whole lot of corresponding items. You got 4 awsome pieces of paper. You got wax or needle and thread to seal the doll.

Now you put up a protection circle around you and your doll. Within this circle you summon the ghost. If you take the ghost you got at home anyways, this shouldn‘t be a big deal. Otherwise it‘s helpful if you got a little experience with magic. If not, you‘ll get some now!

The next step is all about intention, not about the exact words you say.

Take the paper with the name or description of the ghost, the petition paper and malloy in your hand and say: „Ghost xyz, I bann you inside this doll!“ If it takes you longer to stuff the paper in the doll, you can go on talking. Words don‘t matter that much, it‘s important to keep your intention focused throughout the process. Whatever helps you with that will be fine.

Then take the paper with the signs of the elements in your hand and say something like: „Element of air, I summon you. Lend me your power and your strength. Bann this ghost inside of this doll.“ Repeat that with all four elements. You can bring in the corresponding compass directions with every element as well if you like. „Element of air, I summon you in the east, ...“

Put the last paper in the doll. As you seal it, chant: „Element of air, seal this doll and keep the ghost securely banned inside of it“ Again do that with all four elements.

When you‘re done, you can resolve the protection circle. It‘s likely that the doll is angry now. It‘s best to store it in a wooden box, as wood has the capcity to shield energies. If you wanna be on the safe side, you can put up a protection circle and summon the elements or a diety that is known to give good protection and ask to secure a box (you take the empty box with you in the circle, not the box already containing the doll). If you got a wooden box over which you‘ve done a ritual like this, no energy is able to escape from it. Alternatively you can wrap the doll in aluminium foil.