Halloween Party Food


Having a Halloween party of a movie marathon with your family or just getting together with friends in your favorite season can be reason enough to have fun with the food table. 

Here's just some great ideas

A few slices in the hot dog, peel some skin away for a fingernail, ketchup and you're ready to serve!

Adorn your meat tray with a skull. 

Feet-loaf with onion toenails.

Use a fake skeleton for your cheese platter

Apples and slivered almonds

Apple slices on sticks with things to dip them in 

Baby caramel apples

Cut the clothing open and put the serving trays inside.

Guacamole pumpkin vomit

Breadstick bones and marinara

Bobbing for skull apples

Stuffed dates and maybe a plastic roach to make the mind fill in the blanks

Hollowed out apple with caramel sauce refrigerated and then sliced

Place the lunch meats on the skull

Mushroom skulls 

Sugar cookie dough, sliced almonds, cinnamon, cocoa powder

Hot dogs wrapped in pillsbury crescent wrapps and cooked - mustard eyes.

Let's pick some platters and punch bowls --


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